Are Indonesians Great and Friendly People?

Are Indonesians Great and Friendly People?

01.00 pm November 23, 2005: Question & Answer with Indonesian expats (1)

After the president speech, the Ambassador as the MC in the proceeding offered three audiences to come up with their questions. I was not quick enough to do so, and losing the opportunity to ask a thousand of questions to President SBY.

The first person named Doni Rifai stand by the microphone. He’s an expat works for a German IT company branch in Bangalore, India. He didnt ask something, instead he told a story about himself who studied in Germany and works for the biggest IT company there. He came to India and works with other Indian IT guys in Bangalore. He sum up his long-enough story by saying:

“I believe Indonesian people are capable of doing something that other big guys from other countries have done. We are competitive people. I, myself, see with my own eyes that Indian IT guys are not as great as they seem to be. Their fame and domination in the IT field around the world helped in a big way by their expats who help promoting them to the world.”

Finally, he pushed the punch line which I think his primary goal: advertising himself before the president and ministers:

“Im proud of being Indonesian and will always be. Indonesia could be dominant also in IT field if we have the will and determination to do so. Although now I have a very good job in Germany and in a very good position, Im ready to go back to my country if Mr. President asks me to do so.”

He seems to be so successful in his effort. Because soon after the question & answer session ended, the president spokesman, Mr. Andi Malarangeng and Trade Minister Ms Marie Elka Pangestu approached him and asked his contact address.

Well, actually in some ways, I agree with his confident opinion that we as a nation are capable of doing something like any other nations have done. But if we talk to a head of state of our country, the statement should not be made for personal interest, it should represent a larger issue of the people instead. In other words, Doni Rifai should make it clear, that we could be as advanced as other nations as far as we manage our country governance properly: clean governance, clarity of regulation to beef up investment, discipline, clarity of the rule of law, educational friendly policy, etc etc.
Unfortunately, he didnt seem to care enough to further his statement or did he just forget the important point?[]

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