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It’s been quite a while that I intend to comment on Tempo Magazine latest edition that carries a long reports on blog and blogosphere in Indonesia. It’s a good news and a breakthrough of sort for Indonesian bloggers in particular and Indonesian people in general that blog and blogging phenomenon being featured in the most respected Indonesian magazine like Tempo for the first time.

For those in India, Tempo can be compared to Outlook magazine or TIME magazine in the US. It has the reputation as being independent and quality editorial and for that it costs the magazine a lifetime ban in the twilight of Suharto’s regime and republished again after the regime’s fall.

The report is good as far as I am concerned. It’s well researched and beautifully written by those journalists who know well what they’re talking about i.e. those who have blogging experiences themselves. I’m sure the Tempo coverage would make a good impact to the larger audience; the conventional media readers who might not yet be aware of it or who think that blog is only part of techno savvy buzz that will come and go like any others.I believe and am hopeful that other magazines like Gatra , etc will follow talking about it sooner rather than later.

Newspaper Should Learn

Other than the Jakarta Post, which carries some good op-ed article (the latest written by Ong Hock Chuan) and Kompas, other Indonesian newspapers are still lagging far behind and seems to have no clue at all about blogging. And because of that ignorance they often make grave mistake on which person they should interview, what kind of angle they should cover, etc. A case in point, take a look at responses by Priyadi and Enda in this matter. I myself wrote about it here in which I clearly said that a “pakar telematika” (telematic expert) does not necessary means “pakar blog” or blog expert. For newspaper journalist and editors, please learn about blog and learn quickly for your own sake.

For Majalah Tempo and the team thank you for the good reporting, and for Mas Tulus and Mas Cahyo thank you for kind enough interviewing me. And for Budi Putra thank very much for the pdf file. I really appreciate all of your efforts. And believe me, Tempo would be remembered by Indonesian bloggers for a long long time as the first Indonesian magazine which make the first and the best coverage on blog and blogosphere.

Lastly, for those who stays outside Indonesia and wants to know and read the Tempo reports on blog precisely like its print edition you can see in the following links (in .pdf).

Tulisan Lengkap tentang Blog di Majalah Tempo

10 Blog Pilihan (I am in #1, dubbed as Dubes Blogger Indonesia or Ambassador of Indonesian Blogger)

Melebarnya Jendela Informasi

Wajah Penutur Alam Maya

Catatan Harian Pembawa Mala

Ong Hock Chuan writes a good commentary on this matter. A must read for any journalist who wants to cover blogging phenomenon in Indonesia.

Blog Featured in Tempo Magazine

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  2. Bagus banget blognya, wah kayaknya blog mas suyud dah dapat ratusan dollar nih /perbulannya, Ajari saya ya mas cara buat blog yang bisa menghasilkan dolar dari google adsense.

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  4. mantabb blognya!!!!!!! boleh donk mas fatih bagi2 ilmunya gimana caranya blognya jd mantabbb kayak gini…. trus contentnya ja ga kalah serunya sama tampilannya….
    ok mas jaya terus blogger indonesia……

  5. Mas FATIH, tulisan anda memang berkulitas dan enak di baca,saya mau tanya bagaimana caranya supaya tulisan kita juga enak di baca orang,Mohon tips-tipsnya, Mas Fatih saya buat blog dengan judul orang hebat,kira-kira pantas-apa pantas sih Mas,mohon komentarnya.

    #terima kasih. untuk tips menulis lihat di sini ->
    Soal judul blog Anda, pantas2 aja. :)

  6. orang baru nih didunia blog indonesia. salam kenal ya. salut deh buat para blogger indonesia. maju terus ya. yang positif ya ngeblognya. dengan ngeblog mari kita bantu memajukan bangsa ini yang sedang membangun.

  7. Om suka jalan kmane aja sech, Koq kesannya clalu tahu? Moy binun dech, ntu ide ga pernah mampet ya? Kali-kali ajak Moy donk ke tempat-tempat yang bisa nyulut ide. Makasih Om, sering jalan ke tempat Om, semangat Moy jadi nambah mbara nech

  8. Salut. Hari ini terbaik di negeri sendiri, semoga esok dan hari berikutnya jadi yg terbaik diantara blogger sedunia. Saatnya Indonesia unjuk gigi, bahwa tak hanya korupsi yg bisa bikin Indonesia terkenal, tpi juga Indonesia memiliki Blogger2 handal, berkualitas dan tentunya mampu membawa perubahan bagi kemajuan negeri ini di dunia internasional. Salam!

  9. Saya orang baru di dunia per-blogging-an (bahasa yang aneh, ya). Dengan bekal pengetahuan komputer yang minim dan sedikit pengetahuan sains, saya coba membuat sesuatu yang baru.
    Terima kasih untuk tutorialnya. Salut untuk Anda.

    Mari bersama kita memajukan bangsa Indonesia :)

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  11. Blogging now more popular because of its simplicity, powerfull and easy to learn.

    mas Fatihsyuhud, I admire ur english…

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