Blogger Indonesia of the Week(1):  Eko Juniarto

I’ve decided to pick up once a week a blog on indonesia written by Indonesian blogger, starting from now (thursday, 14 July 2005). My picks are based on my search on My aim is so simple: to help promoting to the world news and reports on indonesia written by indonesian bloggers and to encourage them to write more in English.

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (1):  Eko Juniarto

Some short minded people with their pseudo-nationalism argue that blogging in english just “un-patriotic” which is blatantly wrong and misnomer in my opinion. rather than discouraging the indonesian blogger who blogs in english, they should encourage them or keep their mouth shut.

My pick this week is Eko Juniarto’s blog.[1] he’s blogging with a very good english and with quality content too. i hope he continues to blog in english and i encourage any bloggers, indonesian or foreigners to visit his blog to know more about indonesia and indonesian culture and its way of thinking.

[1] As Eko’s link blog no longer exist, I removed it. Let me know if Eko has another blog.[]


`zahra November 14, 2011

Sampoerna..! hehe

olangan October 25, 2010

I still want to make her english blog, but I can not design the blog wrote. must study hard.

hafidh July 9, 2010

ikut nimbrung om…

deblo May 27, 2010

pemilihan blogger of the week nya berdasarkan apa tuh bos?

Hary Almara October 21, 2009

The great blog..

Anuh October 14, 2009

When will I become “Blogger Indonesia Of The Week” meanwhile the Top Visitor of my blog is ME..!

gand August 14, 2009

cara nerbitin blog? gampang bikin informasi kalo elo teroris, ntar rame kayak di tipi

Hamdan n Iqlima May 22, 2009

oya gmn carenye nerbitin blog???
bingung nih gewe..

Hamdan May 22, 2009

add pu-x q dong boss!!

mufti May 7, 2009

ikut nimbrung om….

Fallen Angels February 8, 2009

Numpang lewat doank bos, hehehehehe…

karim January 8, 2009

salm sukses mas

karim January 8, 2009

tolong balas komentar ke blokku mas, di
minta saran n tips promosi blog yg top

mike January 7, 2009

tq’ 4 adding me..

Anissa Anwar December 24, 2008

I really your like blog, i’m newbie but thanks to you i started to understand how to manage blogs and i have many2 idea!!!! Brilliant idea that we can share. I want to introduce about indonesian art to the whole world through my blogss.

THANKS A LOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ririz December 18, 2008

Heeem…I like ur blog very much.

nokiaeseries(dot)net October 3, 2008

I am curious with chandra’s comment and try to check “eko juniarto” blog. Well, chandra is right, nothing to read about…

#well, if it’s the case i should remove the links.

aris September 27, 2008

hello,MR.FATIH your best is the best.

viaenglish September 26, 2008

Hello, Mr Fatih. I just want to say that you have amazing posts. I give two tumbs.

Chandra June 19, 2008

Hi Fatih,
Just curious, are u often check the blog that you promoted as blog of the week?
Like this blog, i klik on the link, but seem no data available again. :)

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