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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (24): Ahmad Qisai

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (24): Ahmad Qisai

India, according to Mr. Suhadi Salam, an Indonesian diplomat in KBRI (Indonesian Embassy) New Delhi, will play an important role in the near future in South and Sout-East Asia along with China not only in terms of its military muscle but in the field of economics and human resources as well. Indian IT (Information Technology) industry booming has been felt in the nook and corner of the world and some even conquered the already established IT industry in Europe and the US.

The famous IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) students has been booked for job by the IT giants like IBM, Microsoft, etc even one year before graduation.The Indonesian president SBY (Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono) also reiterated Indonesian interest to make a closer relations with India particularly on IT sector and trade.

That’s why to know more about India is no less important than to familiarize with China, or even the US and some Europe countries. Not because India has achieved the stature as an advanced countries like them, despite it’s got the potential to become one. It’s simply because we’re getting closer to each other.Apart from this, I see India represented by its governement, its media and its people, has more understanding towards Indonesia than those who geographically closer, like, say, Australia.India, unlike Australia or even Singapore, never ever makes such a fussy-noisy comments like many Aussies usually do.

During the Polaris episode in which its Chairman were arrested by Jakarta Police because of a dispute with an Indonesian company which involved many high-ranking officials of both countries, for example, Indian media didn’t make any unnecessary comments. Compare this to Australia on the recently-hottest-drug-scandal of Schapelle Corby. Not only the media, but even the aussie bloggers and its people crying wolf about many negative things on Indonesia and Indonesians. There are, however, good and objective people outthere down-under with good intention and peaceful heart like this Senator who feels the need to know and understand each other more. Yet, certainly they are in minority.

Back to India again, that’s exactly the reason why I pick Ahmad Qisa’i blog as the Blogger Indonesia of the Week this time. Not only he’s been long enough in India (he’s doing his BA, MA and now PhD) in India, which makes him very familiar with the Indian socio-cultural life; but more than that he’s aslo specialized in political science. His op-ed pieces are also published in many Indonesian media like Media Indonesia, the Jakarta Post, etc, and in Indian media as well proving him as someone worth of note. So, whenever you have a kind of curiosity to ask about India, he’s obviously the right person to ask and to give a satisfying response. By telling you his blog, you now know where to find him whenever your curiosity about India arises.***

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