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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (25): Ninit Yunita

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (25): Ninit Yunita

A career woman and family life

When a woman with a good job gets married with a husband whose job requires him to shift places frequently, she has two choices: either follow her husband and hence quit the job or stick to her job and, consequently, living separately with husband and the kids.

For many (good) Indonesian women, the first choice is preferable. First, being a career woman for them is not everything, the family (husband and kids) is.

Second, there’s still many possibilities for an educated and creative woman to create her own job while accompanying her husband’s moving-around-country-or-world job. Or if job opportunity is not coming up yet, the duty to educate and take care of family is of much more paramount.I meet such a good and educated Indonesian woman here in India (New Delhi) who got very good position in an MNC (Multi-National Company) Jakarta office. She voluntarily quits her job for the sake of joining her husband, an Indonesian diplomat in KBRI (Indonesia Embassy) India. She’s now a purely house-wife whose duty is to take care of her husband and make a good upbringing environments for her kids (one son, two daughters)possible.I see similar case with Ninit Yunita whose blog is under-review. The different between the above-mentioned two Indonesian woman is, while the former dedicate her time totaly for the family; the latter, with her skill in writing and story telling, utilises the opportunity of travelling around the world to sharpen her writing skill and makes good travelling report in her blog. As the just-married couple, she has much time to do so.As mentioned in her blog, she has published her debut novel entitled Kok Putusin Gue? (Why did you break me up?) and has undergone its seventh reprint. And “A production house was really interested to turn it to a movie but I decided not to,” she added.

An educated Indonesian woman, a skillful story teller, knowledgeable in English and upholder of good traditional values are highly qualified criteria to represent Indonesian women to the world.***

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