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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (5): Firda Beka

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (5): Firda Beka

My choice for Indonesian Blogger of the Week this time is Firda Beka’s blog. She calls Weblog Wannabe

She’s an Indonesian stays in Canada, and that’s why she’s very eloquent in english. Most of her blog contents are her daily life plus some link directories. As mentioned in the blog she works also as free-lance web designer, and that’s exactly why her blog is so neatly designed and charming. You’ll feel she’s very talented web designer, which really is. You even feel satistied looking at her blog design more and more without even care what she’s writing about! :) And that’s why she already won so many awards.

Her blog also represents the feeling of what an Indonesian expatriates in general; living in other countries and having a foreign husband (it’s her second month of marriage with a canadian; congratulations firda for keeping your marriage that long!)

She blogs since 2000, and therefore arguably she’s the earliest and the most senior Blogger Indonesia. Since she blogs in English, her visitors certainly not only Indonesian, i think non-Indonesian visit her blog more. and that’s the advantage of blogger indonesia who blogs in english. You’ll be a truly International Blogger

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