Blogger Indonesia of the Week (78): Abdullah Alwazin

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (78): Abdullah Alwazin

Abdullah Alwazin (Wazeen) as Blogger Indonesia of the Week #78Some few blogs I have reviewed were run by young Indonesians who are yet to finish their undergrad studies. Obviously I am looking forward to reviewing a lot more good quality content blogs by Indonesian young bloggers as they represent the future of the country and the nation. Actually I saw many of them, the problem being majority of such blogs are written in Bahasa Indonesia, not in English.

I fully understand the reasons. Despite English language teaching starts from the junior high school (Class VII) in Indonesia educational system, and is supposed to be the second language after Bahasa Indonesia instead of Dutch, the students are hardly conversant to this language unless they join a special Englsih course or having experience to study or stay abroad. The methodology of teaching and the quality of English teachers are probably two main reasons if we want to fingerpoint the major culprit.

It is on this regard that we should highly appreciate those few young Indonesian bloggers who blog in English. With all their limitation, they have the willingness and determination to have their voices heard to the outside world. It is not easy. And with their uneasiness and against all odds they keep improving and make their expression understood by the larger audience. This climb towards a higher level of achievement and the difficultires and challenges they bravely face alone deserve our appreciation even more. Abdullah Alwazin (Wazeen) is one of such few gutsy young Indonesian who seems enjoying to face the challenge.

The willingness to face a challenge for a better achievement is not only obvious in this matter. He is one of a few bloggers I have ever met in person when he was joining one of training program in India hosted and organized by an international NGO called Initiatives of Change. I knew he is such a determined and ambitous personality with a kind and honest heart. Things we are eager to see in every young Indonesian.

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