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Indians Neutrality and Us

Indians Neutrality and Us

I see Indian people are more neutral and knowledgeable than some of Indonesians in commenting on international political issues. A day when the US invaded Iraq and filling up media headlines around the world, a shop owner named Sanjiv which has not even finished his undergraduate study said angrily to me about the arrogance of US and how the world should act in unity. Because he feel, when the sole superpower now has easily and unilaterally invaded Iraq, then it’ll happen to other countries later, etc etc.

Almost the same disapproval came from other neighbors and my college students, all are Hindus. Indonesians, on the other hand, are much more divided. Interestingly the division is much based on the line of religion: with due respect to those who hold clear neutrality and common sense, a Christian or non-Muslim tend to support anything done by the US and Israel (breaching the international law regardless). While Muslims tend to go against the US and support fully whatever is done by Arab countries especially Palestinians, Iraq and now Lebanon. See for example two comments on my post here.
One comment by Patung (obviously a pseudonym and apparently a Christian and one of Indonesian most active anti-Islam blogger) on current topsy-turvy in the middle-east:

I also love Indonesia. Because it’s far away from Hamas and Hezbollah, and Iran and Syria, and other terrorist groups and countries (though Indonesia has its own terrorist groups) which refuse to recognise Israel’s existence and continue to launch attacks against it. Israel has the right to defend itself which is exactly what it is doing. Those who refuse to make peace with it have to learn a lesson, unfortunately.

And another comment by Vnuz (apparently a Muslim) on my post here

Who is terorist??
I just can say it loud…
US and Israel!!!

Now, on current middle-east crisis between Lebanon-Israel, here are what Indian people (all are Hindus and one Christian, judging from their names) had to say in Letter to the Editors of the Hindu newspaper:

This refers to the editorial “The international community must act” (July 22). Innocent Lebanese civilians killed and injured in hundreds, hundreds of thousands displaced, and infrastructure destroyed – this is Israel’s reaction to the abduction of two soldiers. No country is in a better position than the U.S. to halt the destruction of Lebanon. Such global indifference to the plight of the Lebanese is unfortunate.

D. Srinivasa Rao &
P. Jitender Rao, Hyderabad

* * *

Israel’s use of force against Lebanon is wholly inappropriate, unacceptable, and disproportionate. Whatever the provocation, responsible nations are expected to act in a manner that promotes stability. The attack is no longer an act of self-defence but an attempt to destroy a nation. Even if Hizbollah is wrong, nothing can justify Israel’s blanket bombing of Lebanon and the total disregard for civilian lives. It is important to fight terrorism, but not with terrorism.

T. Marx,
Karaikal, Pondicherry

See more other letters here

Apparently, as far as judging local, national and international event, we need to learn much from the Indians: Judge anything based on conscience and common sense. Plus: be well-informed first.

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