Keith Ellison, Quran and “American Civilisation”

Keith Ellison, Quran and “American Civilisation”

Keith Ellison Quran rowI wrote earlier on Keith Ellison the first American Muslim ever elected as Congressman which surprisingly spark much hype in America. Another (unnecessary)controversy seems to be in the pipeline now regarding his intention to take oath by Quran instead of the Bible.

Dennis Prager’s article first published in I think is the one that sparks the controversy.

Important to note here that in American tradition is for all members of the Congress to be sworn in together on the House floor.

So the controversy lies in Ellison’s intention to take oath in the photo-op ceremony where the Bible is used, or in Ellison’s case, the Quran!

Naturally, among the fundies of American politics, Prager’s article got a bear hug welcome and standing ovation including among American hawkish bloggers like this one, or this one along with “funny” title “Fear of Muslims and Islam” and still many more, please Google yourself.

That said, I’m still personally happy that many moderate Americans who are not over-eager in creating split and division, use their pens calmly and in grown-up manner.


Despite being the largest Muslim country in the world, with many of them are practicing Muslim we stick to the Pancasila (pron: panchaaseela) political philosophy with its fiva pillars the first of which is that we (have to) believe in God and respect any religious belef.

Equally important, Indonesia has witnessed many non-Muslim Indonesian have been holding various important and significant ministries including those of sensitive position such as home ministry, defense ministry, etc.

Based on both theory and practical reality, Indonesian used to see various Indonesian officials sworn-in in many holy books up their heads: Quran, Bible, etc.

So, keeping that in mind, to see this kind of debate in the so-called the most “civilized nation” –as some Americans claim– is a bit strange, to say the least. Or, should I say in different way: how about America asks Indonesia to teach a lesson or two on this issue?

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