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Laptop and Indonesian MPs (DPR)

Laptop and Indonesian MPs (DPR)

Despite less significant, the issue of DPR (Indonesia’s MP)’s plan to buy a laptop for each of DPR’s member assumes a bigger interests among Indonesian blogosphere. No less than 160-odd postings has been dedicated talking about this issue.

The public debates on this issue focus mainly on the necessity and the price. On price, for example, Government will allocate IDR 21 million (around $2,100) per laptop for 550 DPR member. Almost all bloggers disagree with the laptop-for-DPR and question the wisdom behind this unnecessary move. Just Ngeblog wonders why does the government spend people’s money so easily for such a waste? Rahning, Pande Baik, Rihart and many others think likewise.


According to the latest news, the DPR has canceled the tender for the laptop purchase putting an end to the public outcry against what the DPR speaker, Agung Laksono, has said previously that the plan would go on on the ground that it’s a part of APBN budget.

Originally posted for Global Voices Online

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