Racism within Our Soul

A few days ago, a friend of mine complained to me about some bad treatment of Malaysian ‘landlords’ against their Indonesian workers, mostly maids (TKW – tenaga kerja wanita), and sadly most of such bad treatment are perpetrated by the indegenous ethnic Melayu (Malay); not by the Chinese-Malaysian. Racism of some sort is also felt on the streets, he added.

It’s not my purpose to condemn or deplore such kind of bad treatment here which’s mostly very unfortunate if it were true. I just wanna talk about the existence of racism itself deep within our own soul.

I define racism as an expression form of ‘insult’ of a more superior or more ‘perfect’ person against a weaker one; a more superior nation or state against another.

From this premise, we can see such kind of attitude in our daily life; in our surroundings; even in our own-self.

The richer against the poor. The taller against the shorter. The smarter against the dummy. The whiter against the black, the color one, etc.

For me, the racism instinct within the human soul is regrettable, yet forgiven as far as it’s not expressed in such a vulgar & verbal way. It need to be hidden and kept deep in our heart so as to make our social relation in sustainable harmony. The capability to hide our bad feeling (like that of racism instinct) and the incapability of doing it is what differentiate between the civilized person, ethnic, nation and the barbarous ones.[]



3 thoughts on “Racism within Our Soul

  1. it remind me the 1966 tragedy in south africa… when apartheid come through and break the black nation..

    who want to be blame? if you want to blame someone..

    the right want to blame is OUR COUNTRY

  2. This opinion very good for me especially. Because since 2007, some time there is “racism in my soul/mind” …. I realize it. and when the mind like that appear in my heart, I say, ” I can not let this recism always satand in my heart …this is from devil ” …. I say : please go devil….go…go…and go….

    Question : is racims /hate from devil or from our ownself? I do not know ….

    I must several time to say a pray, I say to GOD, please, dont let this racism come to my head.

    May be same people have experince with me, because every day we hear bad news about this world, or may be around us make we be anggry. but please to learn patient… and bring that all bad mind to GOD in Praying.


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