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Top Ten Blogger Indonesia Year 2007

Top Ten Blogger Indonesia Year 2007

Year 2007 has witnessed the sweetest and most happening ever so far as blogger Indonesia goes. The rapid growth of blogging culture, more ministers and former minister started blogging which means more attention to this writing-and-reading culture. And finally the most amazing event of all, the Pesta Blogger 2007 which led to the induction of October 27 as the National Blogger Day formally annnounced by Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo), Mr. Mohamad Nuh who presided over the first blogger Indonesia fiesta.

The Pesta Blogger Indonesia 2007 is a momentum we should keep and the best way to utilize it is by making it to beef up the birth of a lot more bloggers. Many ways to do this “task”, the simplest one is by motivating and urging our friends around to start blogging in this very month, January 2008.

I put special emphasis on the important event, and therefore one should not wonder if some of the top ten blogger Indonesia 2007 are those who got involved one way or another; and had contributed in their own way to the big success of that event.

That’s said, the fact remains that not all blogs of the committee of Pesta Blogger 2007 have been awarded as Blogger Indonesia of the Week on which this yearly award is based. I pick some of them as representation of our high appreciation to their pain-staking efforts. Also, it would be unfair to other good Indonesian bloggers if all the top ten being given to those of Pesta Blogger committee.


I think it worth refreshing the criteria of Top Ten Bloggger Indonesia as written here :

1. Blogger or blog that had been picked earlier as Blogger Indonesia of the Week.
2. Blogger or blog that has sort of influence and contribution in his/its own way in promoting and hence contributing to the growth of Indonesian blogosphere.
3. Blogger i.e. personality behind the blog, who shows a sort of leadership attitude on and off the blog.

Top Ten Blogger Indonesia 2007

1. Ong Hock Chuan
He is the brainchild of the Pesta Blogger 2007 without whom it wouldn’t have happened at least this year. He has all the weapons to make it happen: skill, relation, capacity, determination and leadership initiative. His contribution to Indonesia blogosphere is extraordinary on this regard. Besides, his unbias and impartial writing also impress me and many other bloggers. His grown-up and balanced opinion on controversial issue between Indonesia and Malaysia, where he’s born, is impeccable and enlightening.

2. Enda Nasution
I am “forced” to make him for the second time as the Top Ten Blogger of the Year. For he is the busiest and the most responsible person to see the Pesta Blogger succeeded. As a matter of fact, he didn’t fail anyone. In fact, he did more than expected. His matured and magnanimous standpoint on the i-hate-indon controversy in an interview with SCTV is commendable and gets appreciation from Indonesian bloggers.

3. Wimar Witoelar
The Grand Dad of Blogger Indonesia, an attribute implicitly given by Menkominfo Mr. M. Nuh, an honor he deservedly earns. The former presidential spokesman of President Abdurrahman Wahid still got time to attend and involved actively in Pesta Blogger 2007. He is one of the most prominet figure who still keeps up with the technology of blogging and use it to the maximum.

4. Maylaffayza
One of a few educated and brainy celebrities who understands the power of blog. She may be the only celebrity who attend the blogger party. It’s hoped that she may spread the word to other celebrities to blog as well. Preferably in English.

5. Nurudin Jauhari
The first prolific wordpress template designer whose design acknowledged officially by the

6. Oman Fathurrahman
A dedicated academician, honest intellectual and humble human being are what everybody wants to be a friend with. He is certainly once-in-the-blue-moon kind of personality we are eager to be with.

7. Kafe Depok
A dedicated economist bloggers of Universitas Indonesia. Even in a blog posting Berly, in particular, writes seriously with many citations, making his blog-articles worth an academic paper.

8. Merlyna Lim
An assistant professor in an American university who tirelessly helps other Indonesian students getting scholarship they want to futher their studies abroad by posting almost daily scholarship info on a scholarship mailing list (milis). The willingness to help others, to live beyond oneself interest, is what a real leader is made of.

9. Martin Manurung
An economist-political blogger and a young entrepreneur. He may be the only blogger who also is a regular columnist of an Indonesian newspaper. We expect, through his column he would promote blogging culture to his readers and colleagues.

10. Indrani
The most romantic couple blogger. The couple, Indi and Rani, are writing continuously and regularly from everwhere they are travelling. Arguably the most passionate Indonesian blogger I have ever seen. And the first non-expert blogger whose one of their pieces in the blog appeared in the Jakarta Post newspaper.

Last but not the least, we wish you a Happy New Year 2008 to all. Being a better person and lives in years ahead is what we expect. Selamat tahun baru buat semuanya. Buat umat Muslim, Selamat Hari Raya Idul Adha.

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