Denmark Prophet Cartoon Controversy

Denmark Prophet Cartoon Controversy

Inter-religious relation between Muslims in the East and Christians represented by the West again is undergoing a rough patch nowadays sparked by the Danish cartoon controversy in which the cartoonist depicts Prophet Muhammad in a very bad images which sparks a furore in the Muslim world which so far effect multi-dimension liabilities to the Danish and Denmark in particular and could be to Europe as far as trade relation go.

I’m glad, however, that American media behave more emphatically and responsibly by not showing the image. The Whasington Post editor said yesterday that his paper would’nt show the image, so is CNN and others.

Offending certain religion and its sensitivities certainly will bring no good to either side and it’s very much nothing to do with freedom of expression as mentioned above.

Last but not the least, I’m glad to tell you that it’s unknown for any Muslim in its 1500-year history to depict, insult and offend any other religious revered figures. Muslim believes that Jesus and Moses are the Chosen ones and deserve the highest regards from ordinary and sinful human like us.***

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