Generosity and Stinginess

Generosity and Stinginess

Last night, I was having a chit-chat with a friend about various things including junky stuffs. We also talked about human character, like is being generous or stingy a born-character or can be developed according to the circumstance we live in?

I am always of the opinion, as far as character goes, that human brings certain character with him/her since he/she was born.

Therefore, we can see the particular differences between two 5-year-old baby: while one tends to be generous and helpful, another tends to be stingy and selfish.

The question: is the stingy baby can develop into a generous adult? It depends on (a) whether he/she is aware of his stinginess; (b) whether he/she’s aware that being stingy is a bad thing and hence, regret it; and (c) whether he/she wants to get rid of it or at least change that character.

The change will very much depend on his determination and willingness. The social circumstances surround him/her, specially the close family, and the level of education he possess will help him/her to ‘reincarnate’ into a characteristically-transformed adult.***

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