Shalat Idul Adha in KBRI New Delhi

Shalat Idul Adha in KBRI New Delhi

I’ve just done Eidul Adha prayer in KBRI (Indonesia Embassy) New Delhi along with other Indonesian students and KBRI staffs. Some Muslim diplomats from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore are also praying with us. And as usual, our ambassador host the breakfast for all people who join the prayer and for non-Muslim who come after the Eid prayer is done.

The interesting feature in such occasion is the Indonesian food. We who used to have our daily meals with Indian flavour can now enjoy the purely Indonesian foods. And for that the students just eat and eat, enjoying the moment of “luxury”. Sayur lodeh, ketupat, tempe, tahu, ikan asin, asinan, sambal terasi, sate madura, etc are the kinds of foods we take them for granted in Indonesia. But, here in India, all are as precious as gold!

Some Thailand students (Muslims) are also doing Id prayer in KBRI New Delhi mostly for those foods!

I also enjoy to see our embassy regularly become the host of such festivals which are attended by our neighboring countries for years. We eat together, chit-chat in friendly way and joking endlessly. Eid celebration certainly means manything for us. Not only a simple religious ceremony. A symbol of unity among mankind of different nationalities, religion and cultures are among the most important point which need to be carried forward all along.

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