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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (19): Yosef Ardi

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (19): Yosef Ardi

The Blogger, the Journalist and the Economist

Another Indonesian journalist has come to the blogger world. He’s Yosef Ardi who works for Bisnis Indonesia daily, an economic newspaper based in Jakarta and former managing editor in the paper before he further his study to UC Barkeley for one year.

Many columnists and journalists on economics as well as on politics actually has started blogging a way before him. Unfortunately, they are mostly blogging in Bahasa Indonesia. That’s the reason why their voices are not so clearly heard by outside world: they just want to be heard within Indonesia. So, in this regard, Yosef Ardi’s choice to blog in English need to be applauded for whoever want to see Indonesian voices heard and echoed not only within the country.As an economist by training, and a journalist by profession, he’s got much to tell everyone who has interest on Indonesia current events in economics, politics and culture point of view. And as a journalist whose daily activities very much related to day-to-day dyanamism and various information of Indonesia, his analysis in his blog deserves duly attention.

Interestingly, he seems aware of blogging world by interactively responding to any comments given by his visitors. Thus creating a sense of camaraderie between him and his visitor: one requirement to be “a good blogger”. Yet, I think he needs to learn more in terms of blogosphere. He needs to interact with many other blogger Indonesia and exchange links with them to spread traffic to his blog and make his opinions and his blog being known in much faster pace, as it’s done by some eminent foreign journalists.


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