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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (23): Tylla Subijantoro

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (23): Tylla Subijantoro

The Education for All, India Case

Many Indonesian journalists who cover up the president’s state visit to India know her name. They only spell it incorrectly. Kompas, for example, spells her name here and here as Tya Subiantoro. Wonder, how come the biggest Indonesian newspaper like Kompas could make such a trivial yet important mistake? Why its journalist who covered the event in New Delhi didnt even bother to ask her or, at least, her friends, in the first place?

Several weeks back, I posted a series of reports and commentary on the president SBY visit to India. The posting concerning the educational matters asked by Tylla to the president impressed readers the most. One of the commenter, my friend Nads Note of Ciputat, Jakarta, requested me to write more on Indian education and campus life. I requested Tylla then to blog on that matter because she’s been doing active study this year and therefore her reports on Indian education and Indian campus life would be much more interesting than me who’s been busy doing only researches.Besides, Tylla’s previous study in Universitas Indonesia (UI), the leading Indonesian universities, give her more advantageous than me in terms of making some comparisons between the two universities i.e. UI and Delhi University (DU), her current campus.I’m so glad, that she’s voluntarily up to the “task” and starts blogging from then on. From now on, you can visit her blog here and make some comments or just visiting to satisfy your curiosity.

I hope her explanation in her blog on Indian educational system as well as her own commentary on Indian cultural and campus life, who’s been very rary covered by our media, make our thinking spectrum grow wider. I also hope that the distorted images about India–as expressed by Nads–could be sufficiently addressed. Indonesian leading media, like Kompas and others, are advised to visit her blog regularly to keep up with the information and to know more about educational system in a country which has much more similarities in every spheres: in poverty, corruption, mismanagement of its governance; yet, in terms of education India’s educational institution are very much accounted for by the advanced countries. What’s wrong with our country’s educational system, and what’s the secret of India to reach such level of prestige? It’s time for our educational observer, analyst, and policy makers to turn their eyes a bit to India. At least, by visiting occasionally blogging reports made by her.[]

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