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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (52): Indra Pramana


Blogger Indonesia of the Week (52): Indra Pramana

The first time I visit Indra Pramana’s blog was when I found his article concerning the lack–the absence, to be precise–of Indonesian food recipe blog written in English by Indonesian chef and he urges all Indonesian food bloggers to consider blogging in English. This is interesting. Indra’s urges is interesting for more than one reason. First, I found very few Indonesian bloggers who have the same vision with me and have the courage to call for others to blog in English. So far, my urges drive a bit pros and cons among bloggers with various reasons.

Secondly, he made the call specifically on Indonesian chef or cook blogger to blog in English. What does make him doing that? Here’s why:

One of the visitors from Germany, Angelica, added comments saying that it was too bad that those recipes are written in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language), instead of English. She and her husband really love Indonesian food, however it’s quite difficult for them to find cookbooks or recipes of Indonesian food in English.

And based on his finding,

I also noticed that most (if not all) of other blogs containing Indonesian food recipes, which I subscribe through Bloglines, are in Bahasa Indonesia. Those include Dhonatneth’s Kitchen (which now has been renamed to Dhonatneth’s Apa Kabar) and Dapur Wati, on top of the two I have mentioned earlier (Dapur Bunda and Nisi’s Food Corner).

Why do Indonesian recipes ‘experts’ hardly blog in English? Comments Dhonatneth’s Kitchen, whose name mentioned by Indra, it’s because “Long time back, I wrote my recipes both in English and Bahasa Indonesia, but in fact all my visitors seldom goes to my English recipes, that is the reason I stopped writing in English.”

While Dapurwati has another reason: “Biasanya sih kalo yg bule2 minta langsung resepnya sama gue. Jadi liat dapurwati trus liat gambarnya, kalo pengen bikin mrk kontak gue buat terjemahan, that’s how it works. :)”

Recipes and Indonesian food, as you’d know after visiting his blog, is of course not the only topics discussed and talk about in his blog. The current Middle East war between Israel-Lebanon, cultural reflection, diary, and many more can be found there.

Among various topics, as an IT geek, IT related issues are among his most favorite topics. As you can see here, he’s among the big time IT professional. To be a VP in a Singaporean company is not a piece of cake. And that’s why any Indonesian should be proud of him. And the fact that’s he’s blogging actively make Indonesian bloggers feel even better.

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