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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (55): Alaya Setya

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (55): Alaya Setya

If you are a beginner in the blogging world, and are feeling confused on how to start making your debut post, Alaya Setya’s blog is a good blog to take a look at as an alternative style. But wait, by no means do I say that she is a debutant blogger. Infact, she’s blogging since 2002. So, she’s one of those seasoned Indonesian bloggers who starts blogging at the time when blogging culture was known by few Indonesians.

Her style of blogging is unique: brief, light, having good sense of humor and some written in a conversational style which make the messages she’d want to convey all the more impressive and enjoyable to read. You can read all of her posts on your coffee-break and you won’t be aware that you actually read so many before you even finish the last drop of your capuccino or kopi tubruk. She also write almost all of her posts in a del.ici.ous-tag-cloud style. The first Indonesian blogger whose blog I’ve seen consistently using this style.Have a look at her latest post about her niece:

niva, 2 years old, got into the office. she climbed one of the desk. there was no laptop on the desk and the chair was empty.
“where’s tante anya, where? she always repeat the question whenever she asks about something.
“tante anya is sick today,” i explained.
her two big eyes stared at me with i-don’t-understand-what-you-just-said look.
“tante anya is aduh,” i assumed she understands ‘aduh’ better than ’sakit’. when she found a band-aid on my leg after my karimunjawa trip, she told everyone that tante alaya is aduh.

she pointed at the next desk which was also empty.
“where’s tante nina, where?”
“tante nina is in singapore. she always has meeting every friday in singapore.”
probably the words ’singapore’, ‘meeting’, ‘friday’ are meaningless for 2 years old, so she changed the topic to her favorite sentence:

‘i want candy.”

Or about her pain; her conversation with a nurse

“what kind of pain is it?” the nurse asked.
i just realized i don’t have any other word to explain the pain.
maybe i’m lack of verbal.
maybe i only have a little vocabulary like holden.
but for me, it was just a pain.

“is it a shooting pain or continous pain?” the nursed tried to help me.
and again, i couldn’t decided.
for me, it was just a pain.

But you’re wrong if you think that she’s just an ordinary woman who writes briefly because of ‘knowledge barrier.’ In no time you’d see that she’s a bookaholic where reading becomes a passion and a basic need:

i got a package from this guy through iman.

a book from my wish list: never let me go by kazuo ishiguro and 2 cds of photos that he took when he was here.

thank you, ndy…
thank you, man…

to ninit : there’s something for you too

i will read the book after finishing the house of blue mangoes

Unfortunately, she doesn’t give any more details on her profile. Judging from her friends she often mention in her posts, however, I suspect she’s one of Indonesian writer. Maybe Ninit, could tell the readers more about her.

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