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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (61): Budi Saraswati

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (61): Budi Saraswati

When I walked through the blogosphere the other day, I found a link the title of which caught my attention and stopped me from surfing further: Being a Civil Servant. The writer, Budi Saraswati, seems to have more prudent way than I am in discussing thing. For her, being civil servant (PNS in local parley) or working in a private company does not really matter.

What really matters for her is how far your job position enable you to do more for the welfare of the disadvantage people:

…the options of being a civil servant or working in a private company, you still have the chance to help others in both conditions. but, the higher your position in the organization, the better your opportunity to influence others in achieving better condition … i think, as long as your choice is the way to help others as well as to help yourself –in a proper manner, of course–, God will like your choice. […]

I wrote similar topic a few months ago but from different angle that–despite written with sincere concern and intention– might displease my PNS friends.

Budi Saraswati is as good as anyone in discussing or reporting thing. When Tsunami part 2 struck Java island on July 2006, for example, she made a brief yet good report in her blog. Enough for those who want to know a glimpse of the natural disaster story.

Apart from a DVD collector and a vivid movie watcher which makes her a right person to ask anything on film-related thing, she’s also a spirited book reader, a bookaholic so to speak. So much so that she creates a specific book review blog–in Bahasa Indonesia, unfortunately–to review any book she’s just read.

When someone writes thing nicely in a blog and makes a well-said argument in a debate or discussion, we tend to just admire him/her. Yet, we often forget the reason behind such capability and skill.

Many people keep asking and searching on how to make a good blog which might attract potential readers. Some forget the old wisdom which does not only confine to blogosphere but also applies to any field you are interested in: quality. Quality content certainly is a prerequisite as far as blogging goes and anything else will follow.

Another question, however, comes up: how to make a quality content. Budi Saraswati indirectly tells us: read a lot and write even more!

One thing worth considering as far her blog is concerned is her blog would be much better exposed to the search engine if she spares a little time to maximize her blog functionality. She can read here to start with, for basic tutorial to make her blog more Google friendly.

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