Cartoon Better than Mom?

Cartoon Better than Mom?

This is a small study yet a little bit discouraging and should be a warning for mothers around the world: TV can overcome pain better than mothers do. Researchers in Italy found that cartoons helped distract kids from the pain of minor medical procedures.

In the small study, Bellieni and colleagues randomly placed 69 children, ages 7 to 12, in one of three groups to have a blood sample taken. One group was given no distraction during the procedure. In the second group, mothers tried to distract their children by talking to them, soothing, and/or caressing them. The third group of children was allowed to watch a TV cartoon during the procedure. See more here.

The children who experienced the most pain were in the group with no distraction. Their pain was about three times higher than the children who watched TV cartoons, the researchers noted.

The Study was published online Aug. 16 in the Archives of Disease in Childhood.

Child’s upbringing is unrewarding job for many moms, either from the ‘ungrateful’ kids or from careless husband. This is not to count any other house-wife job. Wife and mom’s jobs are never done, so to speak.

Therefore, to hear such not-so-good news should be a little bit discouraging for them to say the least. In the meanwhile, it’s also a very positive finding for moms to know what’s wrong with the way they treat their kids. Or is this finding a strong sign how powerful TV program, especially cartoon, is to the extend that moms can no longer ignore its influence? There is an ongoing interesting discussion among mothers here on this issue which many young mothers need to look at.

It’s important to note, however, that the study was conducted in Italy, a European country. To some extend, it might represent other western Europe or any other developed countries with similar culture, custom and way of life with its prevalent phenomena: busy parents, etc. It might not represent a phenomenon in any other country with entirely different tradition. Say, for example, Indonesia where some kids got religious education in their very early days of their lives. Interesting to know if there’s another similar study on how religious upbringing can make a difference to the kids in overcoming their pains.

For any young Indonesian mother, like Lita and others including young fathers, could you please share your experience with us?

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