Crime and Religion

Crime and Religion

Salman Khan & Aishwarya Rai former Miss Universe and former Salman’s long time girl friendSalman Khan, one of three major Indian film stars–a long time lover of Aishwarya Rai– beside Shakhrukh Khan and Amir Khan, was and still is a drinker, and is a non-practicing Muslim: one who never cares how to act in accordance with his religion . A few years ago, he got involved with a hit-and-run case. His appearance in the court sound as if he’s one of those devout Muslims you ever see: wearing white hat and white Muslim shirt. He often states that he’s just a victim of being a minority.

A few years ago my junior in India, a bachelor student of political science, asked me why many (Muslim) people who perpetrate crazy terror act such as bombing and killing innocent people claim to be religious and/or on behalf of religion in doing their crimes?

Abu Ala Maududi’s Towards Understanding Islam also mentions how Jamal Abdel Nasser a purely nationalist and secular figure of Egypt of 1960s often used Islam as his jargon to motivate his people to join the freedom struggle against the colonialist British. Indonesian ulama in 1940s also made a decree that fighting against the colonialist Dutch was part of jihad.

Three stories with almost similar theme: religion, Islam in this case, is being used by some people as an excuse, a justification, or tools to attract sympathy on a cause which is not necessarily related or even contrary to the essence and spirit of the religion itself.

I told her, the bachelor student, that there are two lessona taken from this phenomenon:

First, human, how devil one is, still wants to be regarded as “good” creature.
Second, religion, therefore, is the best means to support that cause, to hide one’s true beastial action.

Seeking justification for whatever wrongs we are doing are part of our daily lives. A trend that common people are practicing. Being honest, humble and thus brave in acknowledging the shortcoming and flipside of ourselves is rarity and unique.

If you’re one of human with this rare unique character, you’re lucky. So are your surroundings. And let me take a bow before you once in a while to give my appreciation you duly deserve.

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