How Blog or Write in English Could Benefit You

How Blog and write in English Could Benefit You

First of all, I’d like to congratulate Budi Putra for being selected as a permanent contributor to CNET Asia. One of the big time techno portals in Asia, if not the world. That’s truly an achievement as he’s the first and only Indonesian to pen his piece regularly there, and is among the exclusive eight IT writers in Asia. He’s supposed to write twice a week for one year in a column specifically allocated for him.

What does make the CNET shows interest at him and how does it happen? Simple. Because he’s blogging in English. And that enable everybody outthere to take notice on your potential and capability.

Interestingly, he said that he’s blogging in English because of and inspired by me. And as an acknowledegment, he wants me to be the first person who should know the very good news. In his email he says:

Anda adalah orang pertama yang saya kasih tahu soal ini. Why? Karena Andalah yang mendorong saya agar terus menulis bahasa Inggris. Sejak bulan lalu saya juga menulis artikel IT untuk The Jakarta Post.Sekali lagi, terimakasih atas dorongannya. Anda dan blog Anda benar2 telah menginspirasi saya.

Well, to be honest that’s quite a compliment. I am happy personally. Having said that as I repeatedly say the other day, a personal happiness will last short. It’s a happiness that goes beyond my personal feeling and personal interest that last longer: to see Indonesian bloggers flourish with their English-speaking blog in the international blogosphere and gain unthinkable and unimaginable benefits out of it. What Budi Putra has achieved for now, I believe, just a beginning, a tip of an iceberg. Many more to come for sure, for him and for anyone who follows his path.

How Blog or Write in English Could Benefit You
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