How to Quit Smoking

I, finally and officially, Quit Smoking and today is the seventh day. 21 March 2008 was the starting day.

It’s been a long while that the intention and willingness to call it a day emerged. What I need was a momentum to start afresh the whole thing. Includng to begin leaving the “chain-smoker” label behind.

And when the moment came, I took it with both hand. Now, it’s the seventh day I live without any cigarette smokes filling my lung. Some friends amazed, surprised and shocked. But it’s just natural to go from one extreme to another if you’re determined to do so. Nothing is impossible.

So, to quit smoking is simple insofar as I am concerned. First, you got to have a serious intention and willingness to change a particular habit. Second, pick the most important moment of your lives to start with e.g. the birth of your most awaited son, your birthday, etc. Third, be consistent. Never try to fool your self by “Hey, it’s ok to try just once a day.” When you decide to stop smoking, it means stop it altogether never try it even once. Period.


tee August 15, 2010

How I wish I know this site earlier than today.
Great work.

williams April 27, 2010

Regular smokers are aware of the problem: after short periods of nicotine abstinence, signs of physical stress appear in the form of circulatory problems, headaches and sweating.

Other associated symptoms are irritability, impatience, aggressiveness, bad mood and even depression and concentration disorders.

These unpleasant secondary effects are the major reasons why former smokers usually fall back to their smoking habits.

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A life without nicotine!

Emi R October 4, 2009

Ya nich gw juga repot, mertua juga perokok berat, cucunya jadi sering sewot, “Akung ko’merokok terus ya? Padahal dibungkus ada peringatan merokok membahayakan kesehatan”. Ga’ tau gmn caranya ngasih tau spy mertua bisa berhenti merokok. Solusinya anak-anak jarang-jarang diajak main ke rumah kakeknya. takutnya jadi perokok pasif.

akhlis September 2, 2009

great job! “it will end only if you end it”, that’s the motto.Reclaim your freedom to live without the addiction.and above all, giving up smoking means you unselfishly give your kids and spouse their rights to live healthily and to experience a happier,longer and more meaningful life with their dad. I’m sure any mentally healthy and sensible man thinks the pleasure of smoking isn’t worth all those invaluable moments you may have with your family and anyone who loves you

prima April 1, 2009

rokok itu mengandung zat yang bisa membuat rileks pikiran kita..dengan berhenti merokok,kadang kita jadi gelisah atau merasa tidak nyaman..dengan begitu,kalau udah kecanduan kita akan merasa ga bisa hidup tenang tanpa rokok..selamat ya mas,sudah melewati masa2 kegelisahan itu dengan cukup baik..

ivandi November 16, 2008


info yg bagus nii..
gwa dlu juga perokok berat!!
tp skrg udah berhenti…

karna bahayanya dasayat skali man..!!
konon katanya sebatang rokok bisa mengurangi 1 hari umur kita…waduh ngeri gak..

gw rencananya mau bikin website ttg berhenti merokok..

ocid September 26, 2008

konon sekarang ini ada metode yang namanya EFT.
Katanya sih bisa menyembuhkan orang yang kecanduan rokok dengan cara di-tapping…
Mungkin bisa dicoba bagi mereka yang memang ingin berhenti merokok.

rajaram August 23, 2008

thise is important site for smoking people. See how to Stop Smoking which you might be looking for.

subaichi August 21, 2008

i agree with you.

Tony July 31, 2008

Slamet, slamet, mudah-mudahan jadi bisa hemat dan jadi tambah banyak duitnya.


Pekanbaru! Riau July 24, 2008

I was quite smoking succesfully, yes!!.

lowongan kerja July 11, 2008

quit smoking?very goood. i like your article. I hope you can update this blog soonly

adeithzya June 7, 2008

And remember this, the hardest part is not smoking again in near future.

Mochamad Ismail June 4, 2008

I’d stop smoking for 4 years. The reasons are very simple firstly I aware that my body is not a robot secondly I have a family to rake care especially children. Before married my reason at the time is I didn’t want my parent got sick just because of I smoke so i smoke outide. But now anywhere, anytime I don’t smoke. Alhamdulillah…

zea May 9, 2008

alhamd,,saya ga merokok.he3x

mas,tukeran link ya udah saya add, makasih

Khadijah May 7, 2008

Hey, good news. To be a good leader, one must lead one’s self to the max and be the one he asks his mind to. Respect renewed. :) (Too high a standard.)

mrum May 5, 2008

You have started a life that have a meaning and get with it

I have experience several times stops smoking, nevertheless at this time I still smoking.
I appreciated of your decision to stop smoking. A lot of benefit during I stop smoking for 3 month, first I never thought go to store to look for cigarette, both body odors become lose, third every morning day are felt lung clear of trouble, fourth family attitude increases harmonious, fifth my workroom and also house clean and refresh from cigarette smoke, sixth my health become better, seventh my staff friends especially woman very supports and receive with open arms because room becomes clean. That’s some benefits were that I have got when stop smoking. Very beautiful and pleasant

Why I next smoking again?. At that time wife and child have the day off school to Bandung City for 2 week long, I can not follow , because must finish much course duties S2 program, in house very silent (stay alone), despite that other effort (I as broker business) a lot of incoming friend and every there is meeting always this business friends smoker all, first try cigarette simply accommodates nevertheless cause old behavior (smoker) start again.

I also intend to stop, thank you, you have helped my motivation to stop smoking .

Thus my suggestion if you have stopped, don’t try next. Hopefully success

weight tips May 2, 2008

First, you got to have a serious intention and willingness to change a particular habit. I failed with this option.

alternative May 2, 2008

I have tried it,but my society didnt support a lot or my mind just think what taste is it…I hope maybe someday…

Luckey April 28, 2008

Wah selamat Cak atas anak pertamanya (hehehe…ngegosip..)keep up the good work !!

no_mercy April 14, 2008

berhenti merokok?
pernah dahulu sewaktu mau deketin cewek sempet berhenti 2 tahun gak merokok…
tapi setelah jadian sama dia, dia bilang:
“kalau saya merintangi suatu kesukaanmu, walaupun hal tersebut bagi saya sangat pahit, maka saya tetap saja merasa berdosa sama kamu… kalau kamu mau benar-benar berhenti merokok, lakukanlah hanya karena hal itu adalah yang terbaik bagi dirimu sendiri…”

desperateblogger April 13, 2008

i quit smoking october 2007. i was smoking 1 1.2 packs a day and i feel that eventually smoking will lead me to an early grave.

i decided ti quit smoking on a specific date. when the day came, i threw away all my cigarettes and lighters.

it was hard at first. but i’m okay now. you can do it too!!

harish April 13, 2008

Hi Fatih, when you post again? i like your article. I hope you can update this blog soonly ;)

abiaz April 12, 2008

sulit memang untuk memulainya.. tapi Anda harus memulainya. niat kuat, menjauh dari lingkungan perokok and stop!!

Ardhi April 11, 2008

I usually be a social user…can you give an advice?

berburu April 10, 2008

Congrats! Smoking is indeed bad, unhealthy, and costly. Imagine how much money you could’ve saved.


arebos April 10, 2008

congratulation for stop smoking. i know a site that show how to stop smoking:

olangbiaca April 9, 2008

Aslkm…….sy dulu juga terjebak dgn rokok, Alhamdulillah sekarang enggak lagi..

budi April 8, 2008

beruntung dapat info ini, tolong dong kirimin tips berhenti merokok ke

Pecandu April 8, 2008

Thanks God, finally…, finally…

Bang, few days back I visited our previous Palace Barkah on the invitation of uncle ji, and he asks you, I said that gentlement phir bhi uska bivi ka ghar mein. Then our beautiful aunt ji is also conveys her warm wishes to you. Selesai ya tugasku untuk menyampaikan amanah ini.

Uske bhat, Shakil bhai is also sad while he read your piece on staying away from the Goldflake. He said, I remember him a lot with his Goldfkale is always in his fingers. Yang parahnya lagi, penjual rokok yang disimpang mau masuk ke gang pintu istana kita itu. Dia meraung sajadi-jadinya. Hahahaha….

Bang, Syu hala kutubak? Mumkin tursil li wahid?


ZJ –

duke April 7, 2008

Peace be with the moderator, as well as those able to read this message.
The time has come, the harvest is ripe.

The Faithful Witness

aminhers April 6, 2008

I’m smoker and I always sport every day, my body it’s ok!believe me. My general check is normal all.

azis April 4, 2008

Hello Om Fatih!

Great blog!
In my opinion as i see from my friends, when people wanna stop smoking, they have to stay away from ciggarets and stay away from people who smoke in duration of time until they loss their appetite of the ciggars.

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You are my Inspiration. “I saw your wordpress blog two month ago before i start blogging”

alhakim April 3, 2008

That’s right. Smoking not give any benefit at all

sufehmi April 3, 2008

Come on pak Fatih :) spill it !

btw; congratulations on your success ! I’m very happy for you too.

PMF April 2, 2008

Cak, it will be a very sad news for Okhlahoma Community. Cuz we just lost our respectful leader..

We still remember what you said in Safdarjung about the different between smoker and non-smoker. Hope you can always be a tolerant person, though you are not a smoker anymore.. :)

Gold Flake oh Gold Flake, hohoho..

putra partanta April 2, 2008

I’d tried smoking when I was in elementary school, influenced by my older friends. Since I moved to another city and started a new life, it’s changed everything until now. It was part of my life being a little naughty boy:)

Fadllan April 1, 2008

Alhamdulillah. Finally, My Big Bro was been quit smoking. May your battle still ahead. (A Big Name Could Made A Big Reformer).

Ecko March 31, 2008

Quit Smoking? Maybe can help you find the solutions.

puputs March 31, 2008

selamat, dan berjuang terus

Melissa March 30, 2008

Congratulations!! Quit smoking is a big step to make.. Well, maybe there’s a bigger problem now: to keep away from the bad habit.

I hope you can maintain your brand new healthy lifestyle :) I know you can do it! Thank you for giving us more fresh air to breathe..

rama March 30, 2008

yup, same with me! i just quit smoking coz my blood pressure gone all the way up to 150/110 and if i dont stop smoking and start living healthy ,most likely im going to have a heart attack on 25! lame…

Ujang March 29, 2008

Whoa. I didn’t know that you were smoking. glad that you decided to stop that disgusting habit. Sorry about the harsh word, but I seriously think a moslem shouldn’t smoke.

uwiuw March 29, 2008

that’s the problem, is’t ? a little thing call habit. sometime it’s easy to change others then to change your self…alah ngak logis

kata temen, kalau ingin berhenti merokok maka menikah agar lekas2 punya anak. istrimu mungkin akan diam saja melihatmu merokok tapi anakmu, apalagi bila cewek, pasti tidak. apalagi bagaimana mungkin kamu merokok di samping istrimu yg sedang hamil…apa kata dunia ?

begitulah saran dia. dan sy setuju. heheheh

konsultasikesehatan March 29, 2008

Quit Smoking now and don’t postpone

bleu March 28, 2008

Congratulations. Quit smoking is a big achievement.

mulia March 28, 2008

nope, the other way around, i would expect, the idealist who are speaking lodly about environment, healt and education, et cetera et cetera, are not smoking publicly because it harms not only the smoker, but also the environment and surrounding people. no?

and you, are one step forward to be a more idealist person. Congrats!
peace, mas :D

Blogger Indonesia March 28, 2008

thanks bro. as i said, many friends were also surprised including basyir and aliman, the gang of all time, hehe.

salam dari daud dan bessam. katanya, kangen ama aba fay

alhakim March 28, 2008

Good choice. I think cigarette only give bad effect to ourselves both money and health

abudaud March 27, 2008

quit smoking?very goood, congrats then!what a momentum!before, I never imagine you’ll will do this, consider your habit with cigarette.

Blogger Indonesia March 27, 2008

is an idealistic thought always coming out from a non-smoker’s head? :)

Blogger Indonesia March 27, 2008

Anyway, what happened seven days ago?

very good question. :)

yuki tobing March 27, 2008

I don’t smoke, don’t know how difficult it is to stop. My father said it was really easy for him to stop, I have met some people who said it was difficult though. Beside for the sake of their own health, people need to find another incentive to stop smoking, for instance, my mother stopped smoking when she got pregnant, she didn’t want her bad habit affected me badly.

Congratulations. Anyway, what happened seven days ago?

tontowi March 27, 2008

I’ve tried TO BE a smoker since last 10-15 yrs ago (in high school), as friends do. Evtime I try to smoke, I always failed to feel n find : which is the taste of a smoke?.
So I have never been a smoker, since I am a foolish on smoking. hahaha.. thanks God

infogue March 27, 2008

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mulia March 27, 2008

wah, i am amazed to know that you used to be a smoker. it doesnt show from your idealist thoughts :D .

badot March 27, 2008

Jujur aja saya adalah perokok lumayan berat. Mau berhenti itu susah banget oom, soalnya udah kecanduan, kalo gak ngerokok 1 hari aja, malah jadi lemes, kenapa ya? makasih oom udah sharing

Devi March 27, 2008

Selamat ya mas…jadi sedih nih soalnya janji suami untuk stop merokok diulur-ulur terus…lo kok malah curhat, dari anak pertama sampe dah tiga anak, malah tiap nanya kado ultah saya, ultah perkawinan,saya cuma minta stop merokok…anak-anak juga dah pada protes, masih aja susah..mungkin memang perlu kemauan yang kuat dari si perokok itu sendiri ya..