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Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

In my high-school days, when someone asked me what an ideal woman I was looking for, I would definitely refer to many attractive girls and women whose faces often show up in international or local media, television, newspapers and magazines: those who are physically perfect.

As time goes by, my perspective towards the value of beauty gradually change and now change in a big way. I’m still not blinded enough to still be able to appreciate physical beauty. I still can talk about it in minute details. It’s my preference that changes.

I no longer put physical attractiveness as a priority or even a preference. Inner beauty is much more appealing and attractive to me. Now, physical beauty is still good to look at, however, I strongly believe, I no longer feel comfortable to be with.

Inner beauty

Well, what’s inner beauty anyway? Please refer to any definition you can find out. My own version is that one, or a woman, with inner qualities at least should have these following qualities:

Admired by people around her not for her physical appearance, rather for her personality
People feel comfortable talk to her and sit down around her
Having good self-esteem, self-respect and loyalty
Humble and honest

Do you have your own criteria of what pretty woman or charming person is?

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