Roger Federer the Charismatic Sportman

Roger Federer the Charismatic Sportman

Roger Federer is adored by many, including me, not only because of his extra-ordinary ability in sport he chooses i.e. tennis. He’s admired more or less also as an extraordinary human being who has a strong willingness to improve his personality and doesn’t forget to see other unpriveleged people as a kind of people he’s more than willing to give a helping hand to.

As a tennis player, his ability is beyond doubt. His elegance on the court earns him many adoring attributes: as an artist, a sportperson with a dancing soul, a tough tennis player with smiling heart, an all time records holder, and still counting, with ease. His ever smiling face on and off the court often deceives many as though he’s not a tough and hard-to-crack player wich proves the opposite.

As human being off the court his attitude gains respects beyond the fraternity of tennis. He’s an ambassador for UN. His aim after retirement is to help the unpriveleged people in other parts of the world.

He also earns respect from many journalists, because he could give a very quality answers whenever they interview him. His interview with CNN recently about his prospect rivalries with Rafael Nadal got many appreciation.

As far as tennis, there are two persons I admire on and off the court: Roger Federer and Andre Agassi. I always want and wish them to win and feel disappointed whenever they lose.