The Older not necessarily the Wiser

Australia: The Older not necessarily the Wiser

According to a poll conducted by public affairs firm Hawker Britton, Australian elder citizens are having more negative view as much twice as those younger ones who believed that good relations with Indonesia is important.

The poll was carried out in the wake of the Indonesian anger at Canberra’s granting in March of temporary protection visas to 42 asylum seekers from the Indonesian province of Papua.

Indonesia has never conducted such poll, but if discussions through several Indonesian political mailing list, including this one, are to be construed as a “poll” the result would be similar.

Australia case is unique from geographical point of view. Geographically it should be one of ASEAN member. We are neighboring countries. So near, yet so far. Not only Indonesian feel that way, the Australians does have the similar feeling if not more.

The differences are obvious: Australians are more comfort to be called as Anglo-saxon, and we (Indonesians and ASEAN) are a non-Anglo entities.

It’s crystal clear from our case that it’s ethnicity that matters, not geography. That’s why, a non-Anglo citizens of USA, of European countries, etc will never be the real citizen of those countries. They belong to the Anglo-saxon. And Asian as well as African origin will remain the minority citizens with all “priveleges” any minorities enjoy everywhere.[]

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