Top Ten Indonesia Blog versi Tempo

Top Ten Indonesia Blog versi Tempo

In my previous post a few months back, I congratulated and fully supported Tempo Interaktif initiative to make a weekly review on Indonesia blog written by Indonesian in Bahasa Indonesia or English. The first of its kind by a conventioal media. I am not sure whether that feature is still there now or not as I no longer see it appear in Budi Putra’s blog. Fortunately, I got a good news today from him that yes, the Tempo weekly blog review was terminated for a while and now it’d be up and running again.

The reason why it stops is not so clear to me. There’s an explanation from Budi as to why which I can’t mention it here–who knows it’s off-the-record kind of stuff.

My own assesment is that it’s a bit tough for Tempo Interactif crew to maintain the feature on regular basis: from picking up the to-be-reviewed blog (out of tens of thousands of blogs) and making a good introduction to it. Especially, when it’s seen from “feasibility” point of view.

To be honest, at the time Tempo Interaktif made that good ‘revolutionary’ initiative, I have something in mind which was a bit different. By then I didn’t say it as I thought it would be considered as ‘ungrateful’ on my part in particular and Indonesian blogger in general. And now as Tempo’s Blog Pekan Ini (blog of the week) will restart, I think it’s worth mentioning.

From my point of view, it would be much better if every week Tempo feature at least 10 Blog/Blogger Terbaik Pekan Ini or Top Ten Indonesia Blogs/Bloggers of the Week instead of Blogger of the Week. And the introduction for each blog featured could be much briefer, one para is enough. There’re two simple reasons:

1. It will cover a lot more blogs/bloggers at a time. Hence, many more bloggers will get more encouragement to compete with each other to make a good blog content. By reviewing only one blog a week it means only 48 blogs/bloggers will get mention by Tempo in a year leaving tens of thousands of blogs/bloggers waiting in “desperation” and “loneliness.”

At the same time, the more blogs get mentioned by Tempo, the more bloggers will love Tempo like never before. So, it’s a good and win-win situation for Tempo PR as well.

2. By giving only brief introduction to the 10 under-review blog, it makes the job of the reviewer team a lot easier.

It’s very much different with my own weekly review in which I only pick English-speaking Indonesian blog which in my estimate is no more than four percent and could be less.

Another alternative is that the Weekly review can be combined with other top ten blog of the week. Any other idea, everyone?

Updated August 12:

Alternatively, Tempo Interaktif does not need to give any introductory remark at all, just pick 10 blogs of the week and put their links in a specific place somewhere in the Tempo Interaktif’s sidebar website. That’s a lot lot easier and more effective for either side, especially will have much more encouraging effect to the bloggers concerned.

Top Ten Indonesia Blog versi Tempo
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