Undang-undang anti pornografi pornoaksi

RUU APP Reviewed

Finally, the mounting pressures from every corner regarding the RUU APP – Rencana UU anti pornografi/pornoaksi (or anti-pornography bill) makes the committee who draft the RUU APP shaken. In the statement reported by Kompas Daily Badriyah Rayumi from Kebangkitan Bangsa Party acknowledges the blunder the committee made and promised to review the draft.

Responding to the news a member of Indonesia Forum– in which I am one of moderator board–named RM Danardono HADINOTO, an Indonesian expats in Austria and a Javanese Christian, makes a very good brief comment which is very interesting and that’s why I’d like to share it with you. He said:

Majority of Indonesians, irrespective of their religions, are against pornography. The opposition against the RUU APP, therefore, is not because we are supporting it. It’s much more to do with the immatured structure of the bill.

(Our) anti-pornography, should not be considered merely (belong to) Muslims or Islam, on the other hand it’s naturally Indonesian.

This is the people of Indonesia’s RUU. Thus, it should be drafted and made by and based on all entities which represent the pluralistic nature of Indonesian people instead of based on one teaching of particular religion.

I couldn’t agree more with RM Danardono Hadinoto on this point.

Undang-undang anti pornografi pornoaksi
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