Why Ghost Blogger?

Why Ghost Blogger?

As I said earlier, I know the blogger world the first time through CNN which covered the Baghdad Blogger extensively during the early Iraq War II. At that time, i signed-up to blogger.com but updated it occasionally and a bit reluctantly.

I fully understood then why the Baghdad Blogger used pseudonym rather than his actual name. living in under a tyranny leader is not an easy one to deal with or to freely express your opinion. especially when your thought is about something the ruler might not like it. then come the Riverbend a female blogger from Iraq.

she also uses a pseudonym, or ghost name if you like. and again, it’s understandable, considering the rough and tougher time in iraq now, even without Saddam Hussein.

What i dont understand is those bloggers who live in a free democratic country like in the US or in Indonesia, why on earth they use pseudonym? what they’re afraid of? and why they use the ghost name in the fir

Bachelor Degree for President and the DPR’s Laptop place?

In political arena every move becomes political, or considered to be political if it’s not in line with certain interest of particular segment of political elites. That’s exactly what’s happening currently in Indonesian politicosphere and is being contentiously debated in the blogosphere.

A contentious debate over the current plan of DPR (Indonesia’s MP) to amend the constitution to make a Bachelor degree a prerequisite for a presidential candidate to be eligible for nomination by any political party has sparked a furore. And that’s understandable considering the fact that one of the would-be presidential candidate from PDI-P party, former president Megawati Sukarnoputri, has never finished her bachelor degree.

Terkini believes this move as a means to stop Megawati from the next 2009 general election candidacy. M. Alfian Alfian in his long analysis concludes that a Bachelor degree should not be a requirement for a presidential candidate as it will only create another corrupt practices of another kind: the long line of politicians who want to seek the Degree and some “malicious” universities who are more than willing to accomodate the “market demand” through “special channel and special price.” Qui est votre agrees..

One who agrees with the plan argues that if Bachelor degree becomes a precondition to be a head of district, it’s natural that the same rule should be applied to a presidential candidate as well.

Why Ghost Blogger?
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