Why Religious Hatred?

The most embarassing things in life are inter-religious hatred among religious followers. And it’s even more embarassing to see that this phenomenon prevail among the so-called ‘the three most-sacred and most-influential’ religion: Islam, Christian and Jews. I dont know, and it’s not important as well, who hate whom first. The damaged has been done, is still developing and deteriorating by the day.

It’s not the right place for me to analyse it from politico-historical point of view here in this page, although if you are curious enough to know you can click through the links –at the end of this posting– to my previous op-ed pieces (in Bahasa Indonesia) scattered in several Indonesian newspapers regarding this issue.< Everyone, every religious followers should go back towards the basic purpose on why he/she sticks to and choose certain religion during his/her lifetime: as life guidance. To guide your mental stability whenever you are in desperate situation; to look for solace in time of agony; to strengthen your mind at the time when your heart cannot be strengthen by a glass of beer, etc. In other words, the sole aim of religion and the purpose of being religious are to have inner peace.

Therefore, hatred that breeds many other evils such as stereotyping, paranoia to certain religious followers or even to certain color of skins associated with certain religious followers, etc are in total contradiction with the basic purpose of being religious. But history tells us, over and over again, that human always makes error and will repeat it in many ways. Even more ironical to see that such grave mistakes is often started by the so-called educated and civilized person, nation, states, religous dignitaries, and intellectuals.

Time to go back to basic. Utilize and exploit your religion for everlasting peace of your heart. If every single heart of every individual is in peace, there’ll be no space for hatred to prevail.


8 thoughts on “Why Religious Hatred?

  1. memang kebencian antar antara pengikut agama-agama. fenomena yang terjadi pada’tiga pilar yang paling berpengaruh’ agama: Islam, Kristen dan Yahudi. semoga penghargaan terhadap sesama manusia lebih berkembang daripada kebenciannya

  2. Religious issues are very sensitive topics. But maybe the lyrics from White Lion may enlight us :

    “…one united world….under GOD”
    -from “When The Children Cry – White Lion”

  3. agama adalah masalah keyakinan hati yang terkecil. dan setiap agama pastinya mengajarkan hal-hal yang baik tentunya, dan sebagai penganutnya juga tau seandainya saling membenci, pahala apa yang akan diperoleh.


  4. Great content! I love it. But it’s kind of hard to actually act it out. Since we’re not alone here. There are so many other sides stalking our peace interest ready to make us stumble over and over again. Would “Citizens of Universe” be a good idea for you to name the people who know no borders and boundaries of life in peace. If so, let’s hail to it!
    Oh, By the way. You should check you spelling and grammar before you publish your post next time. There are several fatal mistakes that might hurt your educated blog.
    Anyway, thanks for “The Great Contents”. I will always come for more.

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