Are you the Terrorist Blogger?

Are you the Terrorist Blogger?

In the real world, the so-called terrorist defined as a person, community, or state who terrorise others through violence means for whatever reasons and purposes, either those terror acts carried out by individual, a group of individuals or states. The last criteria refers to any states who occupy other states, as there’ll be no successfull occupation without any physical violence . I think you agree with me on this regard.

But as we all know, there’ll be no physical violence ever happen without being ignited by mind violence. That’s why, the mastermind of any terrorist acts are regarded as more dangerous than the actual perpetrator.

Eversince I actively blogged one year back and doing some ‘blogwalk’ every now and then in the blogoworld, I found many “mind terrorism” which incite hatred, stereotype and generalisation. The emergence of blog and blogging technology needs to be welcomed with both hands as it give a chance to every techno dummy like me to express his/her opinion. But the terrorist blogger should be reminded of the danger of inciting hatred and stereotype instead of peace and commonality among the citizen of the world.

Blogging should be made use for advocating peace at heart and mind, not only for the sake of blogging and attracting traffic by making any provocative statements in the name of freedom of expression. Making sense is the nature of human being, and hatred blogging certainly in contradiction to that spirit.

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