Blogger, President and his People

Blogger, President and his People

Photo: SBY need to learn from Bush in dealing with his people criticism
What do you think of President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono’s first response the time he knew that his picture has been manipulated by a blogger Indonesia, one of his own fellow citizen? Was he angry? Or was he just smiling or even giggling to see his people still have a good sense of humour amid the ordeal life caused by his BBM (oil & gas)-price-hike policy? You can guess whatever you want in accordance with your perception to the current president. I, myself, was not sure then. But I’m crystal clear now that he must’ve been angry. Why?

Did you read my previous posting about Tylla Subijantoro’s question to the President in New Delhi recently? in which President SBY looked so angry to her. I thought then that President anger to Tylla simply because he felt ignored, which is quite understandable. It, however, turns out to be wrong, after I read Kompas daily today who specifically discuss about Tylla and president anger on her.

Kompas reports

“Presiden menyesalkan kritik yang disampaikan dengan cara menjelek-jelekkan
keadaan bangsa dan negara sendiri. Saat berdialog dengan masyarakat Indonesia di
India, ada warga yang sejak mulai bicara sampai selesai menjelek-jelekkan negeri
kita dan memuji-muji luar negeri. Orang itu bicara di depan saya. Saya
menyesalkan, ujarnya”

Well, if a constructive criticism still offend the President, what you expect from an “insult” of an enginereed photos done by Herman? As a just-reborn-democratic country, we still need long way to learn. what I mean by “we” is all component of the nation: the executives (bureaucrats) from top to bottom, the legislatives, the judiciary and the people. Why the people? Because they the wanna be state officials one day. And they should prepare from now.

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