Blog-Media Relation Stronger

Blog-Media Relation Stronger

How to make your Blog appears in the Washington Post

If you regularly or occasionally read American media, you’d see some changes in terms of designs with blog look-alike. Just like your blog. There’re a visibly technorati logo outthere and even more than that. Technorati seems to do a good job in convincing the American media the power of blogs and how the blog with technorati’s technology can boost the media linking popularity. So, from now on, if your article link to a particular article in the Washington Post for example, you’ll find the glimpse appearance of your blog at the same page of the paper along with some other blogs.

I was just aware of that when I quoted Gus Dur op-ed article published in the Post and I found this blog title there.

So how and when it first took place? Peter Hirshberg from Technorati explains

…as a first step, Technorati is now connecting bloggers to the more than 440 AP member web sites in the U.S. that take the AP’s Hosted Custom News product, taken by local papers such as the Buffalo News or the Sun Journal. The new service will bring blogger commentary about AP news stories to communities large and small throughout the USA, giving bloggers a voice in trusted local papers throughout the nation.

What does it mean?

When readers visit an AP member Web site that uses AP Hosted Custom News, they will see a module featuring the “Top Five Most Blogged About” AP articles right next to the article text, dynamically powered by Technorati. Additionally, when readers click on an AP article, Technorati will deliver “Who’s Blogging About” that article. Now, if you have commentary about an AP story, you can get mentioned in that module simply by linking to that AP news URL, akin to what you can do with Washington Post articles, Newsweek articles, Der Spiegel articles, and a host of other media partners that currently work with Technorati.

Well done, Technorati! It means the trend will roll and the more world media follow that step the more media-blog relation grow.

As an Indonesian blogger, I’d love to see Indonesian mainstream media like KOMPAS, KORAN TEMPO, REPUBLIKA, MEDIA INDONESIA, and others watch this trend very closely and just join the chorus sooner rather than later. Whichever media does first, their popularity in blogosphere will skyrocket. I’m damn sure about that. Blogging is about writing all the time. And writing with link reference is getting more boost if Indonesia media are doing just that. In other words, media-blogs reciprocal time is up.

So, Indonesian blogger-journalists like Budi Putra and many others who probably read this writing, time to talk to the boss! :)

Blog-Media Relation Stronger
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