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Blogger Indonesia of the Week (33): Rasyad A. Parinduri

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (33): Rasyad A. Parinduri

Blog of an Indonesian Economist

Economy is mighty important thing in life. You cannot even live without it. You can’t even read this blog if you don’t have Rupiah (Indonesian currency) to access the internet. In practical terms, It’s the only one any human being have something in common. From an illiterate farmer in a remote village to an ’sophisticated’ cosmopolit guy on the mega cities in other parts of the world all are in need of economy.

To make a living. To materialise their dreams. To get a decent life and earn expected sort of respectability. To some it’s even used as a way to hegemonize others. Thus it also become a powerful tools for a person or country against another.Yet, as far as economics philosophy (theory) goes, not many are interested. How many people care about the nitty gritty of the economy fall and rise and the reasons behind it? Why Indonesia, once called as one of rising tiger of economy in Asia, is suddenly falling sort of third country category?Why a country rich of natural resources like Indonesia cannot afford to even pay its debt and beg its creditors for resechedule? And why millions of Indonesian people earn less than a dollar a day? What’s wrong? And how to correct the mistakes?

You won’t get the answer yourself, will you? That’s why an economist like Rasyad A. Parinduri is needed. We need his voice and any other Indonesian economists like him to tell us (and government) “the What, the Why and the How to” of what’s going on and what should be doing.

I’m glad to see him blogging in English. It’s not only benefitting us, Indonesian–who mostly understand English–, but is also for the benefit of non-Indonesian readers who wants to know about Indonesian economy and its current dynamism.

Last but not the least, so far as blogging goes, he needs to expand his blog traffics as to make his writing more known and widely read. As any blogger knows, link-exchange and blog-directory submission are two important elements of improving blog traffics. One of most widely read political blog that’s Insta Pundit, just does exactly that. It’s also a symbol of humility and interactiveness among bloggers.

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