Blogger Indonesia of the Week (34): Founder Blog Indonesia

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (34): Founder Blog Indonesia

One Stop ‘Shop’ for All Indonesia Blogs

Theodore M. Hesburgh, considered one of the most influential figures in higher education in the 20th century, once said “The very essence of leadership is that you have to have vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet.”

A leadership vision must be behind this idea, that what I thought when for the first time I visited Blog Indonesia a few weeks ago.

An Indonesia blog directory which emerges quietly and clandestinely. Soundless. There’s no sign-up menu outthere; no control panel. At first glance it looks like Technorati. In the main page, you can see around 12 Indonesian blogs in brief coming in and out randomly. In the side bar, you can find statistic data about blogs registered (listed to be precise), the most active blog today and during one month time, etc.Also, you can see Indonesia blogs based on language (English or Bahasa Indonesia or both). This makes things a lot easier for anyone who want to read some blog on particular theme or language. To sum it up, it’s the finest and the most visionary blog directory an Indonesian IT geek ever made so far. The greatness is not on the technology, mind you. It’s on the vision in creating a directory for all Indonesia blogs.

The Founder

Who’s the person behind this great blog Indonesia directory (BIR) anyway? Out of curiosity and amazement, I wrote an email to the webmaster. I got reply the following day. It’s the founder email, not the email you see in the contact address of the site. Interesting to hear that the guys (founder and the crew) outthere are the regular readers of Blogger Indonesia of the Week (BOW); that this blog has been added by them the first time the BIR starts running. And to my amazement, the founder offered to give BOW special space in BID which I gladly and gratefully accepted.

Again, who’s the founder? He’s an IT & Management consultant living somewhere in Indonesia. He along with several of his “online students” (he prefers to say so) create the BIR. Apart from training all his “students” how to code and program things (mainly php), he also would like to inculcate a sense of leadership and vision to them: that in creating something, there should be a clear intention that everything we create or do should be for the larger interest; not only for the interest of ourselves.

So, when BIR was created (the hosting and domain are coming from his own pocket), the idea and the vision were clear i.e. to bring all Indonesia blogs to the World. That’s why, no registration, no password and no rules: simply submit your blog. And, no body behind the BIR want to take any credits. Amazing.

Are you still curious about the founder? Do you want to know his name or at least his email? Well, “Please don’t mention my name and my email,” he said. And that’s one reason, among others, why I like him and agree to cooperate with him. His honesty, dedication to educate his long distance juniors, generosity, sacrifices and vision are the kind of personality I’d like to voluntarily admire without any apology.

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