Blogger Indonesia of the Week (7): Isman Suryaman

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (7): Isman Suryaman

So far, I only found and therefore, reviewed Indonesian Blogger who blogs in English that cover up about their daily life (that is a pure blogger), political commentary or the poets. Now, by Vervain help i find another type of blogger Indonesia: a Comedian!

But Isman Suryaman is not a simple comedian with a “cheap” sense of humor, like most Indonesian comedians or jokers to be precise (sorry for saying this). He’s a comedian extra-ordinaire. His various humors are not cheap kinda jokes. And if you dont belong to an “educated” species, you sometimes will find it hard to comprehend.

And the not-cheap jokes he made, i think, is one main reason why a big publisher like Gramedia loves publishing his works on humors. I wish I could read all his books someday, when I come back to Indonesia.

His humors are rich with nuances and innovatives. That’s a rarity as far as Indonesian comedians are concerned. you can find many persons in the US or Europe who belongs to intelectual category and comedian at the same time. But not in Indonesia. His jokes remind me of Jon Stewart Daily Show in CNN with irony, sometimes sarcastic yet interesting to hear or read for temporary healing of tired soul. And more interestingly he writes his jokes in his blog in English.

I hope, many more person who has a good sense of humors like him can express it in English in their own blogs. My little hope to him is it is much better if he can focus on making humors based on the daily events of Indonesian people. it’ll be great works. Well done Isman and thanks to Vervain for her info.

Note: Any Blogger Indonesia who has english blog or knows some blogger indonesia who write in English, please let me know. I’ll be glad to review it, to make it more known to the world.[]

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (7): Isman Suryaman
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