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Georganna Hancock

Georganna Hancock

I just want to say, “Hi!”, to Georganna Hancock, a Staff reporter, writer, photographer, book reviewer, stringer with The Miami Herald, The Fort Pierce News Tribune, The Broward Bulletin, The Indianapolis Star,..

The Louisville Courier-Journal who spare her precious break time to visit my blog and generously dedicated a special posting about me and my ‘vision’ in which she says, “I second Fatih’s urging. I’d like to understand the Indonesian culture and people, especially as expressed in their own English words.”

That’s very encouraging voice. I’d want to let her know that Indonesian-english-speaking bloggers are growing by the day and she might see some of those in the bottom of this page, or she can visit the most complete Indonesian blogger aggregator (in Bahasa Indonesia and English) for more.

And thanks Georganna for your interest on Indonesia. There’s no better way to learn and understand each other’s culture but to read directly from the people voices represented perfectly in the form of abundant blogs easily and freely accessed from anywhere.

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