Ten Reasons Why Indonesians Blog and Write in English

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There are at least top ten reasons on why an Indonesian blogger should blog in English. If you run a Bahasa Indonesia blog, like I do, you should have an English speaking blog as well. Here’s why:

1. My English writing skill is not good. I’d like to improve it by writing regularly in a medium where editorial barrier does not exist.

2. English is undoubtedly understood –though not necessarily spoken or written–by many, if not by most, influential people in the world. Hence larger audience, more visibility and influence of some sort.

3. Most internet-literate Indonesians understand English. Using English in my blog, therefore, does not hinder Indonesian readers to appreciate what I’d intend to convey to them, my primary audience.

4. Indonesian voices very much under-represented in the outside world simply because hardly any books, academic publication and conventional media are written in English. Indonesia — a country with more than 240 million population– has a very few English newspapers / magazines / portals and none of existing Indonesian magazines are in English. And hardly any best seller Indonesian books written by prominent intellectuals are written in or translated into English.

5. Among 10 percent of Indonesian internet users, only about 0.4 percent of them are blogging which means if you blog in Bahasa Indonesia you have to be satisfied with that of 0.4 percent readers who does not necessarily read your blog. Less potential readers will lead to less blogging courages.

6. It gives non-Indonesian a chance to know you and Indonesia: the mindset, culture, faith, etc. And it gives you more chance to interact with them. Hence, more understanding of multi-polar world and broaden your vista and horizon of thinking.

7. Depending on your blogging influence, but at the least it’ll give you more self-esteem by making more friends from various cultures across the continents.

8. There are many people outthere with good intention to make an interfaith and intercultural dialogue; every now and then they need a person from a particular country, say Indonesia, to talk to. Let them know that you are the person they want.

9. If your blog content is good, the possibility of being published and then reviewed by prominent international book reviewer is not far away.

10. Blogging in English, like blogging in any other languages including Bahasa Indonesia, is basically history in the making. The difference is by blogging in English you are making history in front of many faces and backgrounds from many countries and therefore it adds more to your credibility.


783 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why Indonesians Blog and Write in English

  1. Tetap semangat nge-blog. Walaupun saya masih susah buat artikel bhs. inggris semoga dengan blog bhs. indonesia juga bisa meraih earning yang maksimal

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    nice post mr.fatih, english is unfamiliar now, like just a lesson in school but very minimal practices in real life…

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  4. Ya ya.. I agree with the reason #1. Improve our English, but most of Indonesian people sometimes getting lazy when they read and speak in English. Well, this is why just a little of Indonesian Blogger choose English in their Blog’s Language. I think this is one of challenge for us introducing English to Indonesian Blogger.
    Keep your good work, buddy!
    and thanks for sharing :)

  5. in the future, i want my blog by english language, but for now i must focus anything about blogger. such as SEO, how to invite more traffic or other because i am as newbie.. please help me, hihihihi. Go blogwalking

  6. but i also have my opinion. there is a problem why we indonesia blogger don’t want to write english blog because many of indonesia people can’t read or understand english. that’s why we write indonesia blog to get indonesia market reader.

  7. finally I back to read your blog, I miss this for long time :)
    and now I see u give more touch with english article, I apreciate with it.

    Happy blogging, and please visit my blog.

  8. How come you have over 700+ comments? Believe me, as an English-only blogger (I’m losing my Chinese and never knew how to write in Chinese anyway.), one doesn’t see many blog posts with over 700+ posts. Seriously. Freshly Pressed blog posts might be lucky to get over 300+.

    Is it because Indonesian blogging community have huge virtual blog followers for each other??

  9. I agree with you, thoug I don’t agree with using Google Translate.
    It still helps if you have difficulties in searching the right words to describe its Indonesian equals, but the grammars are mess. I personally prefer practicing my English writing without using Google Translate to get used to by it. Don’t worry about misspelling or grammar error though, you’ll get better by the time. Just keep practicing by making a lot of English posts, and start it a with simple paragraphs. :)

  10. Writing in English is a good habit because if you always write in English once a day, you teach your brain to think in English so if your boss suddenly ask you to write in English, you don’t need a long time :D

  11. Yeah, i agree with you. Most of internet users from Indonesia can understand English and there is Google translate that can be used :D

  12. Well, my blog is about tawhid.. and.. yes, i tried to translated some in my Tarzanic english (about 37 posts)..but you know.. tawhid lessons contains sooo many old unique indonesian-malay Islamic terms which are very hard to be translated..we cant let google or any translator do it..becos its worst then my tarzanic english :D

  13. I can’t understand english very well so i can’t catch all meanig what you write, i just know number one. it same to me :)
    i think englis conversation is easier than writing

  14. I’d love the one who try hard to write about indonesia in English for blogging. That seems very natural and the most important thing is, it must be original.. :)

  15. aduuh susahnya belajar bahasa inggris,,hehehe
    sampe2 susah juga dapet iklan adsense google mas fatih,,,hehe
    makasih infonya yah,,,
    jangan lupa kunjungan baliknya yah,,,

  16. Sure the main reason is “my english is not good enough”.
    Blogging with bad english will make your visitor go away.

    Please review my english comment :(

  17. Salam kenal semuanya,
    Setuju bro.. jujur aja deh, dengan memakai bahasa Inggris blog kita menjadi lebih (Google) Adsense friendly dibanding dengan blog berbahasa Indonesia.
    Oya kang, melalui komentar ini saya mengundang anda semua untuk bergabung menjadi kontributor Direktori Blog Indonesia dan mendaftarkan blog anda dalam bentuk postingan yang berjudul blog anda sendiri dan berisi uraian tentang blog anda dilengkapi dengan gambar thumbnail dan feed blog anda.

  18. Salam Kenal Mas Fatih,

    Kalau boleh kritis: Sebenarnya alasan utama kita menggunakan bahasa Inggris adalah karena aspek komersil – adsense – ;) Hayo ngaku :P
    Saya setuju penggunaan bahasa Inggris akan memperluas audience blog kita. Tetapi dengan penggunaan bahasa Indonesia terutama untuk tutorial-tutorial akan membantu mencerdaskan bangsa loh, dan ini juga berarti poin ke.4 mas Fatih kontradiksi dan gak bisa jadi alasan hehehe.
    Sedikit komentar untuk point no 5. Saya sendiri lebih senang dapat pembaca 10 orang tapi kritis daripada jutaan yang hanya membaca sekilas. Sesuai prinsip “niche” di seo. Untuk poin-poin lainnya saya setuju sekali.

    Terima kasih, dan semoga sukses.

    P.S: kalau berkenan, mampir ke blog saya ya :D

  19. Menulis blog dalam bahasa inggris mehjadikan blog kita bisa dinikmati pembaca luar negeri, niche-nya jadi semakin luas tuh..

  20. I enjoyed with your blog here. Previously, I forgot with your URL blog, but I try to remember it, and suddenly I found it..
    I feel so happy, if you want to exchange link with me, Sir. Waiting for your decision, thanks! :)

  21. waduh…senang sekali saya gan.kayanya memang udah seharusnya kita mengikuti perkembangan dunia melalui bloging,tetapi gimana dengan saya yang kurang bisa dengan english? apa bisa tepat misalnya kalau saya posting english tapi minta bantuan translat mbah google?mohon petunjuknya mas?…terima kasih

    #kalo total ngandalin Google translate tidak bisa. harus dipermak dulu baru layak publish (fatih)

  22. In education, there is no such thing as being “overboard.” Everybody has a way to learn either by looking at stuff or writing about stuff. You learn simply by writing your thoughts on what the teacher asks you. I have no problem with that. If your teacher says you’re overboard, then that’s her then.

  23. Great informative post.English is no doubt an international language and the main gateway communication in universe.There are more chance to get plenty reader if well written in English.You shared decent reasons..

  24. Entah mengapa selalu ingin kembali ke sini….
    …banyak orang berlomba untuk menjadi yang terbaik
    …banyak orang ingin sukses seperti ini
    …kami juga demikian
    …entah kapan?
    …tapi harus tetap berusaha

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  26. Again I would like to say I think it is great you blog in English as I am able to read what you have wrote. Do you have an option for your Indonesian readers to switch the site to their language view?

  27. i agree with your argument about it, but it isn’t that easy to make a blog using english language cause not all indonesian people understand about it, if we telling a story about indonesian culture how could they can read if they didn’t understand the meaning of the word. we got to teach them about english first. by the way i understand why you were blogging using english language as one of the international languange.

  28. blogging with English will make us more fluently when speaking with English. Not only we’ll get some useful information, but also we’ll have much time to study English.

  29. Im an Indonesian, so im blogging with Indonesian Language, but i make some english blog too, especially in marketing advertising. just to know i put ur link in my blog for a long time. nice to c this blog again.. ty..
    facebook.com/radenson. btok.wordpress.com 4liv.blogspot.com etc.

  30. if my english bad don’t laugh me.. but iam so proud (‘bangga’ btul ga ya? ga ada kamus dkantor sya nih) with mr. Fatih.. i love so much your blog.. i want to be your friend and add your link but i’m not found your word ‘love me,I love you back’.. please help me.. :) and iam a newbie so i have must learn with you.. if my english is bad dont laugh me.. but with this blog I can learn to more.. (jika bhs inggrisnya jelek jgn dketawain ya.. ttp dengan ini sya bisa belajar lebih byk)..

  31. There are lot’s of points that we should write the blog in english, first and very importance reasons is that English is communication language, So in every country one can read the articles..

    Keep sharing

  32. English is the language of the world. and every person in the world can understand it very easily, English is the most intimate friendship that makes communication so much easier on understanding, as well as in writing the article. thank you for the information, very interesting article …

  33. Memang benar harus menguasai bahasa inggris, dan sekarang saya mencoba memanfaatkan google translate dulu daripada tidak sama sekali!

  34. Hi,
    Ya!I agree with you with have a good direction step by step here.I glad to read these helpful sharing.I will try to remember these instruction for blogging.Keep it continue with us with more updates.

  35. it’s gud, not many blogger to know it, i support your article. it’s will better than more blogger.. let’s write more to indonesia..
    blogger indonesia is smart blogger…
    nice blog guys

  36. Agree with that Boss!!!! Should be written in English, gain more readers,I don’t care if my English so sleepy or even silly, by doing so a lot, it will improve our skill. Great blog you have Boss… Assalamualaikum.

  37. bisa bahasa inggris memang banyak manfaatnya… tapi kalo yang bahasa inggrisnya pas-pasan… malah jadi kacau.. so aku lebih enjoy pake indo aja sob..

  38. the many languages on this planet are for human to explore, so we have many styles in socializing, love french sometimes, arabic – powerful lang. Nice article lots responds ..

  39. wah patut ditiru nh, tpi saya ga mahir bhsa inggris :(

    keep spirit deh..lagian juga saya pemula di dunia ngeblog..

  40. in indonesian language particularly, only some would understand and discover such article when search is done in search engine, mostly malaysians and indonesians. english is widely used around the world. writing in english will attract more audience anywhere. of course we have to keep using our own language to make sure it is not forgotten. try to keep things in balance.

  41. mantep..! pengen sih ngeblog pakek kalimat inggris. setuju juga dengan alasan aga dunia lebih mengenal indonesia. mulai belajar deh kalo gitu

  42. I also want to have a blog speak english but I’m a newbie, step by step only, because I am also not fluent in English. Still prefer to use google translate
    thanks for suggesting

  43. That’s a Good Post for Indonesians. The More thing they have to understand is, if they post in English, they will attract more readers in worldwide.

    Worldwide knows English Language Better.

  44. I would say if you writing for world then English language is really essential because its the main language to communicate each other.
    Everyone know English apart from their native language..

  45. Excellent Tips Man. Blogging in Indonesian gives chance for Indonesian readers chance only, But blogging in English gives worldwide readers.

    Keeping Google Translate does not help in most cases. Excellent Post finally by you man.

  46. Hey, just today I put google translate banner in my blog. Does it make a little bit a change? Since it’s a korean drama blog, there is some visitors who visit my blog, and use the google translate for drama recap.

  47. Yang lebih enaknya lagi blog inggris bisa dipasangi iklan adsense:D karena google adsense saat ini belum terima blog bahasa indonesia, lumayan buat penghasilan tambahan.

  48. everythings gonna be okay if we always learn something that creative educative to every peoples. do the best that we can, start from small goodies, be better and more better..

    jangan lupa mampir ke tempat maya saya juga bang fatih.. :D

  49. I actually think your English writing skills are very good. Anyhow I am glad you decide to blog in English as I wouldn’t be able to understand otherwise. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.

    – Robert

  50. Decent post i would say. English is an international and the main language that all use for communication. Most of the blogger love to read blog posts in English. So its essential to write in English.

  51. Among 10 percent of Indonesian internet users, only about 0.4 percent of them are blogging which means if you blog in Bahasa Indonesia you have to be satisfied with that of 0.4 percent readers who does not necessarily read your blog. Less potential readers will lead to less blogging courages.

  52. Fully agree with your post above. There are more people in ratio in world, who understand English very well and its international language.So language is no bar at your blog for all reader…

  53. I fine with you sir. Like what I’ve been doing up to now. I’ve tried to write something on my blog in English. It’s merely just for my own benefit, practice all of the time. Even there is no visitor on my blog, Im still happy after finishing posting something. hehe.. If you dont mind please visit my blog sir and give some comment :p

  54. I don’t know how but even though you have written the content in English, but your stat still indicates that most of your readers are from Indonesia, so it means your aim to get global readers still needs to be improved. Maybe it will be nice if you also write global topic so foreign readers will be interested to read your articles.

  55. All the blog posts in English language give the extra edge to a wonderful blog. Because English is an international language and most of the visitor love to read information in English. I always write all my blog posts in English. Nice sharing..

  56. Mmhh.. are you sure? So how about 80% readers who find our blog because search engine si embah google? Btw, I don’t know if the number 80% is correct or not, because I only pick it in some site which talking about the important of SEO.
    And by the way, where can I find your latest articles beside your latest posts widget? Because your post is quite interesting, but sadly your latest cover is about AFF football, and unfortunately I don’t quite tune in football, except for Irfan Bachdim :)

  57. Mainly, I agree with your ideas. But I quite disagree with your 5th point.Or maybe I don’t quite catch your meaning.

    “Among 10 percent of Indonesian internet users, only about 0.4 percent of them are blogging which means if you blog in Bahasa Indonesia you have to be satisfied with that of 0.4 percent readers who does not necessarily read your blog. Less potential readers will lead to less blogging courages.”

    The 0,4% of them are blogging -so it means that 0,4% are the blogger-, so why should they be my blog necessarily readers (if I blog in bahasa)?

    If you mean that I should blog in English to get more readers, so it will lead to more blogging courages; I couldn’t agree with you more.

    #most blog readers are bloggers.

  58. We live in Lombok island. Our main language is called Sasak language. At the moment we write anything about lombok in English. We are understand it is not our mothertangue therefore we learn to write step by step. Thank you for encouraging blog

  59. Saya mau belajar bahasa Indonesia. Still, I find comfort in knowing more bloggers are sharing in English. Bloggers share much about the world, and I am challenged by the many blogs that are written solely in Bahasa Indonesia. Terima kasih. I enjoy your blog

  60. you open my eyes…from now on i will try to blogging with english language..
    thank u 4 sharing good articles…keep posting sir..

    sorry 4 my amburadul sentences…

  61. there is nothing imposible if we try our best, blogging in english also like that…for the first time i would be difficult for us to write in english but after fews time it would be easier…keep learning dont be shy okey…

  62. yeaa writing in English have to own uniqueness. indeed many bloggers come from Indonesia did not understand english, because of lack of awareness of learning another language.

    your desire to write in english very worthy to follow it

  63. exactly, I begin to feel the benefit, writing in english means you force your head to think in english, it really helps me a lot. This is the easier way , and cheaper than language class. I encourage other blogger to do the same, of course if you feel unsure about your sentences and grammar, we can google before we post it ;)

  64. hehe………the same as. I canot english. but i will be learning to english, so that i do write to blog by english. you lik look at my blog.

  65. Maaf mas
    saya mau bertanya…
    bagaimana cara promosi blog yang berbahasa inggris ya?

    saya punya dua blog berbahasa inggris tapi bingung cara mempromosikannya.. tolong dibantu ya mas

  66. I like the idea of using english as our main language in our blog. But you have to realize the fact that most of our visitors come from Indonesia. just look at the visitors stat that you have. By the time i comment your article, you have like 257 visitors from Indonesia, and only 15 visitors from abroad. So i don’t see the need of using english in our blog. Not yet at least.

    Just a thought.

  67. Assalamu’alaikum.

    I like your idea…. Promoting Indonesia with blog.
    I think, I must have min. 1 blog in english… Like you said.

    Fadli Firmansyah
    Tangerang, ID

  68. i know that the english was very important to share information about everything, but really my hosting used indonesian..so what can i do now.. :(

  69. i agree with you, but for blogger who knows little writing in english, let use google translate to check your spelling before publish your post. there are more words in bahasa Indonesia google can’t translate well.

  70. besides that we can provide information on where other countries do not yet know and this could be the learning materials in English ..

    thanks for sharing

  71. the important maybe we can learn englih very well.,to improve our blog,.perhaps became increase more trafic.succes boz.,

  72. becalm…

    there is google translator that help your blog visitor for translating what you’ve wrote.

    i think english blog for Indonesian bloggers is not important. That only for professional blogger. Thanks

  73. for a momment I blog with my local language because I can not write english well .. is it right he he. Just learn to write as well as you, mr fatih

  74. English is a most flexibel language in the world, isn’t it? So, if we will make our blog be more big blog, nothing wrong if we tray to compose our content with english.. Lets try and share..

  75. Hahaha … saya dulu ketawa ketika membaca “give me a train”, padahal maksudnya adalah berikan saya pelatihan … kok jadi beri aku kereta …

    Iya nih, blog bahasa Inggris memang diperlukan …

  76. iya setuju mas fatih, namun kendala bahasa inggris sangat menjadi perhatian buat blogger indonesia, terutama tentang grammar, maunya si bikin konten bagus, eh malah jadi lucu, abis banyak errorna. gak papa namanya aja proses…keep learning.

  77. Let me quote one of your ten points,
    “Among 10 percent of Indonesian internet users, only about 0.4 percent of them are blogging which means if you blog in Bahasa Indonesia you have to be satisfied with that of 0.4 percent readers who does not necessarily read your blog. Less potential readers will lead to less blogging courage.”
    That is so true! This is the fact why I blog in English from the start.I have two blogs and both use English.
    Thanks to my blogs, I have not only traffic from country around the globe but also new friends from any part of the world. I do wish we got more and more Indonesian blogger who blog- I will like to connect or even better, blog in English without necessary loosing their identity.Yay!


  78. hehehe…. ini yang sedang saya praktekkan sekarang mas. hanya saja susah soalnya saya gak begitu bisa bhs. inggris…
    apa lagi saya baru buat blog. :D

  79. Nice blog,,,sama sebetulnya mas,namun saya lebih bisa nge-blog pake bahasa arab,sayang takutnya banyak yang ga bisa baca…kalo pake english mah,english saya ancur wkwkwkw

    ???? ???? ??? ? ???
    mohon maaf lahir batin mas

  80. setuju dan memang hal inilah kenapa pernah kami tuangkan dalam bahasa inggris sebelumnya, meski karena alasan tertentu pula akhirnya kami hapus :)

    Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin dari Kami Sekeluarga

    Salam Hormat

    Putut dan Tutik

  81. setuju banget dengan poin no 1…menulis blog bahasa inggris cara ampuh untuk belajar bahasa inggris…

    anyway nice post.. :)

  82. Why We Blog in English…!!!

    1. we want d money
    2. we want d popularity
    3. we want 2 smart
    4. we want 2 prosper
    10. etc..!!!

    this why we blog in english…!!!

  83. Holas te recomiendo que quites ese boton twitter y lo cambi es x facebook, hasta donde yo se lo que entran x twitter a una web rarisima vez hacen click en los anuncos ads, aparte facebook es mas conocido q twitter, conclusion no pierdes nada al contrario ganas mas q con twitter


  84. good idea, but Bahasa Indonesia make me proud, and Indonesia is my language.

    But if want more money from internet i think English number uno

  85. Nice and I agree with you sir,
    for this time, I also make a blog with English content.
    I hope, I can understand English and can write it to.

    * Maaf om, banyak salah mungkin komentar saya*
    benar saya lagi belajar bhs inggris om :)

  86. Blognya keren abis oi, saya lagi belajar ngeblog, siapa tahu.
    bisa punya blog sekeren ini. blog saya ini lho incomodos.
    Siapa tahu ada yang mau berkunjung dan ngasih saran.

  87. Your English is kind of stiff mate. If you mellow out just a little bit, it’ll become much more enjoyable to read.

  88. mm…semua itu pilihan ya..kalo alasan utamaku bwt halaman (entah blog/website) pake english sih karena…biar diapprove sm google adsense, hehe…
    habis diapprove. ya balik ke indo lagi, hehe..

    tp gk jg si, lebih suka dual-language malah! meski agak ribet

  89. Saya justru berusaha menulis dengan bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar, agar output terjemahan via Google Translate juga baik. Lagipula saya menggunakan IIX server, segmentasinya adalah pengunjung dari dalam negeri. :)

  90. thanks bro fatih, start from 2 month ago i start writing blog in english although it’s very hard first time. Now i feel more accustomed with this language than before, even though it’s still difficult for me. i feel very glad if you wanna see my website :p

  91. hmm,,,berarti komen ini juga sulit di percaya, karena menggunakan bahasa indonesia,,hihi,,maaf becanda..

    gk smua yang berbahasa inggris benar juga ko, dan tidak semua yang berbahasa indonesia itu kurang di percaya :)

  92. english memang bahasa dunia yang harus kita kuasai. dengan nge-blog pake english kita juga mengasah english kita yang mungkin suatu saat nanti diperlukan.

  93. Lama-lama kita pasti terbiasa baca blog ber-bahasa Inggris, asal sering-sering baca blog luar negeri aja hehe..kesannya blog klo pk bahasa inggris gak banyak tipu-tipu..klo blog pk bahasa indonesia kayaknya kurang bisa dipercaya dech..tapi itu menurut feeling aku aja..

  94. yeah.. u rite
    but it’s seem not that easy to do:”>
    therefore, just like don paradox said, i do wanna have a link with u.
    may i? ;;)

  95. mas saya ingin bertukaran link dengan anda. link ada sudah saya pasang di blog saya, jadi mohon balasannuya ya!!
    nice site briother!!!

  96. salam kenal. wah kalau saya masih gagap nih kalau nulis blog pakai bahasa inggris. mau nulis comment pake bahasa inggris juga bingung dan takut salah hehe

  97. yeah, Most of the people in the world understand only English other than their native language, So, basically it is a pretty good idea to write blog content in English :)

  98. Depend on what we will share through our blog, most of popular and contemporary issue will be better being written in English. Thats why I try to write my blog in English. But some local issue more suitable written in local language, let say about district election issue, that wouldn’t many reader from abroad will understand about it.

  99. i agree with statement number 1 “My English writing skill is not good. I’d like to improve it by writing regularly in a medium where editorial barrier does not exist.”

  100. Indeed, blogging in English gives us more opportunities in making money online.
    However, I may be one of Indonesian bloggers who has made many mistakes blogging in English…but I am happy…I am more confident by now as I learn from my mistakes through other bloggers.

    So…do not hesitate to start blogging in English from now on. And You need only one reason actually to start blogging in English. Think of it..and blog now..

  101. for many Indonesian who don’t use english well, to retrieve information from english pages are difficult

    they must working hard to translate the information in pages… (including me :( )

    help them by using translate plugin for wordpress :)

  102. Not long ago I went to this site by Bing and experienced to take some of time to give thanks to you pertaining to the guidance on boosting confidence.

  103. Yeah, i thinks important if we writing in english, cause english is international language. all of people in the world could be understand if we write in this language. thanks

  104. Not to mention the possibility to make a lot of money..he 3x or creating cooperation with the other people without almost no barrier since we are using English

  105. blognya sudah lama ngak di update ya mas fatih?..yg di wordpress(bhs indonesia) juga sdh lama ngak diupdate.
    Saya pertama2 juga bikin blog dgn content b.inggris tapi karena masih baru (belum cukup 2bulan)dan sepi pengunjung yg mau comment sekarang saya jadikan blog bahasa indonesia saja lagi. :-)

    #Lama Gak update? update tiap hari kok. lihat di sidebar menu “Top Recent Stories” atau “Latest Updates”.

  106. pengen sih bikin artikel yang menggunakan bahasa inggris, sayangnya I can’t speak english very well. tp skrg kan ada transleter kang, apa itu juga bs berfungsi maksimal?

  107. I agree with you pak…
    But only in the point no 1 above I am not agree with you.
    Here I quote:
    “1. My English writing skill is not good. I’d like to improve it by writing regularly in a medium where editorial barrier does not exist.”
    Your English is good pak.. Excellent..

  108. If we consistently write articles in English for our blogging, we can get many benefits. Be successful for all of us. Thank you for the information to support our willingness to have blogs in English.

  109. If you want to create a blog actually is not English must be good at English. Many people who receive outsourcing articles. We write in Indonesian, and others translate it into English. More efficient with the ability to speak English again 30% only, we can use google translator to check the wrong grammar.

  110. I’m totally agree with you, despite I’m from Malaysia.

    Kita kan serumpun Pak!

    #iya betul. kita serumpun. :)

  111. I am all for it!! Your post is totally correct. Yesterday I just started to blog in English. Hope you don’t mind if my blog will refer to yours in view of spirit to keep on blogging in English. Thanks indeed for inspiring me and other Indonesian bloggers.

  112. Simply write whatever you feel comfortable. Just like what I’ve been doing here in this blog. I am careless about niche. I just enjoy what I feel like to write.

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  115. I agree. I am planning to start a blog also, and my friends forced me to use English instead of Bahasa. After reading your articles, now I understand their persistence.

    Oh, btw, you have a nice blog and your English is pretty good. Keep up the good work, sir!

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  118. artikel yg menggugah aku untuk lebih bersemangat dan terus belajar. blog gw juga pake bhs Inggris ya walaupun gramarnya belum tentu benar wkwkwkwkwkw (pake translator)..ya yg penting udh ada usaha.


  119. Setuju banget…!! Kalo pake bahasa inggris, pangsa pasarnya jg luas…!! yang jd masalah, buat blog pake bahasa ingris kayaknya sedikit rumit.

  120. Your post was very inspiring me.. Please comment my new blog that i wrote in English.. Hopefully, i’ll consistence to post in English..

    Trims Mas Fatih… I wait you at my blog…

  121. may indeed be worthwhile to create a blog that is supported by the English language to be accepted by all layers, but once in the process requires hard work and a better learning. nice post…

  122. aku butuh bimbingan nih caranya biar blog aku dilihat banyak orang….bantuin donk….

  123. I actually also want to write an article discussing blogs with english but I’m not confident enough to still try to try it maybe by reading this I wanted to

    #confident is a bridge between success and failure. cross it, you’ll be successful

  124. Absolutely agree. It’s time for Indonesian people get approvement from this cyber world. However, native language is also important to help local beginners (like me) in self-development. “Today must be better than yesterday”..

  125. Excelent research.. i also blogging in multilanguage in my single blog, do you feel that it’s effective wheter using single language or multilanguage??

    #It depends on whether you blog frequently (more than a post a day) or not. if you do, having two separate blog is probably better.
    Also, if your bog content is mostly about Indonesia, it’s better in one blog even if you’re using a multilanguage

  126. I have already had an English blog. And it has been approved by infolinks. But How can I increase my earning ?


    #increase the traffic.

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    i like to use Indonesian in my blog…but i certain realize that every reason that u had been writen here also interesting and correct :D
    I think i want to try it also..in my blog.. :D
    For a simple post…I hope so.. :D

  129. Hai Mr.Fatih…your blog is very nice!!
    I am the one who have difficulity for learning english…I have a blog but in indonesian,,,I am not confidence to make a blog in english,,,what is the solution???

  130. If my ability to speak and write English language articles were a big zero … then how is the solution?

    #you can respond in english well. it’s not big zero. you may start from here. create a blog for practice

  131. Niatan sih ada untuk bikin blog pake bahasa inggris, tapi yang jadi masalah adalah bahasa inggris saya yang minim. :(

  132. We have to prepare ourselves to face the global access throughout the world. We mostly use English language to communicate with people from other countries. Therefore, it is useful to learn English through blogging activities. Be successful for all of us.

  133. I have been trying to make blog in english but in the fact i stiil face the problem about that.

    but im sure that i will be able to do that.

    please pray me

  134. Actually I wanted to write the English language in the blog. But I am not sure if my English could be understood by strangers? Finally I decided to write in my own language because they are more confident as Japanese people are also more confident in his own language. ha .. ha .. ha ..

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  136. makasih infonya….
    btw ada info rokok yang menyehatkan nih….aneh bin ajaib yaa… kunjungi rumah kami ya…

  137. intinya kita ingin ngejar trafik dari luar yg 0,4 persen itu khan mas?
    aku juga lagi nyoba boso inggris

  138. I think it’s important to have things written in english, depending on who you want the readers to be.. If 100% Indonesian, then yes, it should be in Indonesian.. Or else, just do it in english, you may get promoted by other companies out there.. hehe

  139. bahasa inggrisku juga kacau nih Kang,, makanya aku sering pake jasa Mbah google translate. gak tau nih apa karena IQ kurang ya..he..he, lam sukses kang. MOhon pencerahan di blog sederhanaku ini. Thank’s

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  144. English is an international language. We need to improve our English since the global interactions become important nowadays. We have to be able to compete with other countries.


  145. Sepertinya semakin indah kalau nulis di blog, English-nya maksimal.
    bisa comment dan reading keliling dunia “go abroad”…

    I wish try it! Keep spirit! :D


  146. ide bagus…tapi kapan2 saja masih belum ada waktu… masih membangun blog bahasa indonesia… pengin menepis angapan kalau cari duit pakek ppc lokal gak bisa jadi kaya… lagipula koneksi inet masih lemot… hehe

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  148. saya bangga jadi blogger indonesia, makanya menulis pake bahasa indonesia

    tapi bahasa englis perlu, karena bahasa english merupakan bahasa dunia..

    nice info. keep blogging

  149. Morning Mas Fatih, maybe with the english, all of us can to talk with other friends in the wordl not just Indonesia. Not confident if I ask with my friends, why not to learn with english, I sure, if they repeat daily to write with english, not for long to learn about english, thanks Mas Fatih, wish you happy and healty

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  151. salam kenal mas, english memang bahasa dunia,sudah selayaknya kita menggunakannya kalau ingin blog kita di kenal dunia….sukses mas

  152. Dear Cak Fatih,
    Maybe I’m too late to find your blog, but better late than never. I was redirected by someone to your fabulous English blog. My fifteen-year experiences as a national instructor (a national trainer of English trainers) forces me to agree with you in great admiration.
    Please, spare some of your time to read my comments on comments in your blog. I will also, in returns, spare some of my time to visit your blog to encourage the visitors to practise and develop their English writing skills through blogging.
    Your English has been almost perfect (it sounds very English). Maybe, some of your visitors feel inferior to write comments in your blog, but that’s okay. I will encourage them to write and write in English without any feeling of guilty if they make grammatical mistakes.
    Success may always be yours.
    Best regards.

  153. Anda benar, Angger. Bahasa bagian tak terpisahkan dari kebudayaan, atau bahasa adalah pengungkapan kultur suatu komunitas. Banyak yang gak sama, tapi banyak juga yang sama. Persamaan dan perbedaan ini pun terpaksa harus diungkapkan melalui bahasa. Jadi aku akan ikut Cak Fatih memperkenalkan budaya bangsa kita tercinta ini melalui bahasa Inggris.
    Oh, iya. Dalam berbahasa Indonesia, kita tak mungkin bisa menghindari penggunaan kata/istilah Inggris, karena perbedaan tersebut. Begitu juga sebaliknya, dalam berbahasa Inggris tak mungkin dihindari kata/istilah Indonesia kalau kita bicara tentang Indonesia. Jadi gak salah, dan memang normal, kalau tercadi CODE MIXING dan CODE SWITCHING dalam berkomunikasi antarbangsa. Yang penting, kita punya Interlanguage/Interculture Understanding. Dan, walau bumi ini tenggelam atau langit runtuh, aku tetap orang Indonesia dan cinta bahasa Indonesia tanpa menjadi eksklusif di era globalisasi ini.
    P.S. untuk peristilahan, harus diakui bahwa bahasa Inggris jauh lebih efektif dan efisien dibanding bahasa Indonesia.

  154. Google translator is a machine while language is human. Karena Google translator sifatnya mekanis, maka hasil terjemahannya akan “aneh-aneh”, nama mantan presiden AS yang digantikan Obama dalam terjemahan bahasa kita menjadi “George Semak Belukan”. Emangnya tikus atau burung puyuh? Hahahaha.

  155. Setuju bangat: “rajin menulis dan rajin membaca blog bhs inggris termasuk komentar2 di blog tsb.” Alami dan normalnya: Berbicara diawali oleh Mendengarkan, Menulis diawali oleh Membaca, dan seorang penulis jauh lebih banyak membaca daripada menulis. Jika mas Juffan takut salah dalam menulis, yakinlah bahwa selamanya mas gak bakal pernah menulis. Dalam belajar bahasa asing, kesalahan itu pertanda telah terjadi proses pembelajaran (maka disebut “developmental mistake”). Jadi mulai dan teruslah berlatih. Gak usah jauh-jauh, di sini aja, di blognya Cak Fatih. Aku akan rajin berkunjung ke blog ini tuk bantu kawan-kawan yang butuh bantuanku dan memang mau kubantu. Oke? Sukses selalu.

  156. Nah, itu dia. Biar pun di comment yang Anda tulis ini berisi “agak banyak” grammar mistakes, tapi orang Inggris pasti dapat menangkap isinya. Tujuanmu berkomunikasi sudah tercapai !!! That’s the point! Persetan dengan kesalahan grammar itu! Kita belajar bahasa lewat komunikasi. Jangan dibalik: “belajar bahasa agar bisa berkomunikasi” karena inilah kunci kegagalan kita belajar bahasa Inggris di masa lalu, dan Anda (mungkin) salah seorang produk masa lalu itu. Jadi, keep on practising your English, especially writing skills. Trust me, I know what I’m saying. (Aku seorang mantan instruktur pengembang tingkat nasional yang menatar para penatar Bahasa Inggris tingkat propinsi di negara tercinta ini.)

  157. JANGAN!!! Tolong baca comment Arlina dan comment-ku pada Arlina. Tidak ada kata terlambat untuk belajar. Jika orang lain bisa, kenapa Anda gak bisa. Jangan tunda, mulai dan teruslah berlatih. Kalau belum yakin, mulailah di facebook dengan seseorang yang benar-benar mengenal dan mengerti Anda. Okay? Sukses selalu menyertai Anda, PakUbumi.

  158. Arlina, never postpone your dream, plz. You learn, and eventually master, English writing skills only through writing in English. Never be afraid of making mistakes, because making mistake is 100% NORMAL in learning something new. So, keep on admiring Cak Fatih, and that will make you go on writing and writing and writing … in English. Your dream will surely come true. Trust me, I know what I’m saying.
    As for Google translation, just forget it! Again, forget it. Language is human while Google translator is machine. Do you get my point here? Right, so write, write, and write in English. Okay, Ms. Arlina?
    P.S. Your English has been perfectly understood by English speaking community. It’s only a matter of self confidence. Believe me. Sing pe de, ngono lho mbak Arlina sina ayu.

  159. Anda benar, tapi Fatih Syuhud juga benar. Dan, tak kalah pentingnya, AKUpun 100% BENAR, yaitu atur keseimbangan antara Anda berdua. Let’s view it as a continuum. Pada saat tujuan kita menyuarakan memperkenalkan Indonesia ke dunia luar, akan kuikuti Fatih Syuhud. Tapi bicara tentang kepribadian dan harkat/martabat bangsa, Anda yang akan kuikuti, Mbak. Kedengaran agak plin-plan? Terserah penilaian yang baca comment ini. Yang pasti aku adalah aku, bukan mbak sing ayu atau mas Fatih sing guanteng buangeet. Anda berdua adalah ujung bandulnya, dan aku berada dan bergerak di tengah kedua ujung bandul, ke kiri dan ke kanan secara proporsional. Kedengaran Pancasilais atau Indonesian? Memang!!! I want to live in harmony with nature and other people. Bukankah ini yang juga disuarakan oleh Iwan Fals, si musisi protes sosial yang sudah dapat pengakuan internasional??? Aku akan gunakan Bahasa Indonesia dan English secara proporsional dalam blogku. Sorry ya, Mbak klo bandulku lebih sering bergerak ke arah mas Fatih. Anyway, you are wonderful dan punya kepribadian yang kuat. I admire you. Peace!

  160. A blog is a place where things which incite passion in someone are written and posted. Best to ask yourself if there is an author, story and/or genre that incites that passion, then use that as a name for the blog.

  161. The international communication will mostly use English. We cannot avoid this reality. I believe that Indonesian people will become good English bloggers. Keep on moving and be successful people.

  162. English is an international language. We need to improve our English since the global interactions become important nowadays. We have to be able to compete with other countries.

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  164. Bener juga ya…jika sy bisa berbhs Inggris (blog sy bisa Tampil di Dunia)…sayang, dulu ketika masuk pelajaran bhs Inggris (sy selalu CABUT alias bolos sekolah), kalo’ gak kan, bisa seperti blognya mas “Fatih” ini (laris maniiiis..)

  165. A blog is a place where things which incite passion in someone are written and posted. Best to ask yourself if there is an author, story and/or genre that incites that passion, then use that as a name for the blog. You may also try using an author’s last name and part of one of their more popular stories to generate a name.

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  168. Well done. Keep moving on your creativity. I’ll follow you and read your blog. It’s just nice and very useful. Of course I’ll learn a lot from the Blog. Just like you are all, my friend, I my self am beginning to learn to write and to manage some website and blog. I found it difficult, I mean, it need our courage and creativity, patient and endurance. It’s really not an easy job, so I’d like very much appreciate what have all Indonesian Blogers done for their creativity and great efforts. Again, although English is not our language, it’s such a great language ever created by God for human global community perusal. Take every positive side from it. For those who want to discuss about Writing in English with me, may visit my site here, register and begin discussing directly with me. But we will focus our topic on Baduy, its people, land and mind. God Luck!

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  170. I guess blogging in English is one thing and nationalism is another. Using English doesn’t necessarily mean someone lacks proud of his/her own national language. Language is just a tool. Speaking Indonesian all the time with foreigners is as ridiculous as using English all the time with our fellow Indonesians. In a nutshell, use English to get wider scope of audience..
    btw,Google translate isn’t reliable enough, but it’s better than nothing…
    love this blog :)

  171. bahasa inggris saya nol besar mas fatih.. saya belajar banyak lewat site anda, saya rasa mulai sekarang saya mencoba menulis blog lewat bahasa inggris, mencoba memahami realita. keep blogging

  172. I definitely agree with you, I, myself have been trying to blog in English. Even though my English isn’t good at all, but, I always push myself harder and harder everyday for a better improvement and achievement.

    Everyone is welcome to visit my blog at http://www.indodaily.net, I would really appreciate any feedbacks and critiques.

    Thank you for this inspiring article

  173. hmm.., very good. so inspiring :) will prepare a new one in english and wish to fly abroad with free tickets ha-ha-ha :P

  174. mohom pencerahan, apakah widget translator saya sdh cukup untuk go internasional, atau saya harus buat blog lagi?

    #sebaiknya dibuat blog lagi yg khusus bahasa inggris. akan sangat menarik.
    google translate sangat tidak mencukupi untuk artikel

  175. Counter argument.
    Saya pikir keputusan untuk menulis dalam bahasa inggris sangat berkaitan erat dengan konten. Bahasa gak cuma tentang history in the making, tapi bahasa juga memberi ruang gerak yang berbeda bagi penulisnya.

    Ada batasan kultur pada bahasa Inggris dan Bahasa Indonesia. Batasan ini membuat makna dan imaji dari kata-per kata nggak akan pernah sama, bahkan ketika di tangan translator yang baik.

    Jika harus disuruh memilih antara jumlah audiens dan ketersampaian maksud. Well, saya akan memilih yang terakhir.

  176. i totally agree with you sir. if we want to up grade our ability in writing then keep on writing. there are so many people out there who can speak fluently. but when asked to write will be trembling, don’t know what to do. needless to say, writing is also important since we have the four skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. so…keep on writing, bro

  177. enak ya kalau bisa lancar menggunakan bahasa inggris, bisa cas sis cus mengutarakan pendapatnya dengan bahasa yang banyak digunakan orang di dunia ini, tapi bagaimana ya belajar paham bahasa asing dengan metode yang praktis ?

    #rajin menulis dan rajin membaca blog bhs inggris termasuk komentar2 di blog tsb.

  178. Inspiring post.

    I asked one writer from England how to get her book in Indonesia and she asked me for a bookstore that can distribute her book, I recommended Gramedia. Hopefully Indonesian readers know how to learn other language because I found its limited to find an english book.

    Learning is fun and languages are also fun. Arabic is the furqan language, English is the most common spoken in the world … ( Not really I read about english and its the 3rd or 4th – forgot already- and Indonesian language appears to be among top 10 spoken language )

    Keep it up!!!!

  179. Ya, i completely agree with your opinion. We want if our readers is not limited only just for Indonesian readers, but it will be nice if it can be understood by English readers as well. Writing in English language will make our English proficiency to be better, because when we write some articles, besides we need to understand about grammar itself, we are required to choose the right usage of the words in some situations.

    Even my English is not good enough, I’ll never give up. I always force myself to write in English.
    But it doesn’t mean that i don’t love Bahasa Indonesia.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.



  180. Oke, there is a will, and planing to build a blog with english language.

    But how i can get ad from adsense, since i terlanjur set indonesia as my blog’s primary language,
    we knew that having two adsense account is forbidden.

    Please help me..

    salam blogger Indonesia.

    #you can change the setting of your adsense language. or you may create a different account using your sister or wife name

  181. i prefer to the first point, it’s also my reason , why i do blog in English, nice post to affect other to start blog in english

  182. How important for Indonesian bloggers to blog in English, or in other foreign languages. It’s challenging! But for some reasons, I postpone that dream because of my poor English, and Im still newbie to blogging. Anyway, Im sure that my dream will come true, insha Allah… :)
    Eager to know my reasons ? Here they are :
    Im absolutely agree with pointers given by mas Fatih, particularly no. 5. That’s why I try to use “Google Translate” in my blog, although the translation is less accurate. After that, the visitors are DRAMATICALLY INCREASE UP TO 300% !!! :)
    But I still feel unsatisfied of some LOOPHOLES and even made me laugh, ‘coz Google translates all words. Among others, my blogroll which consist of A. Fatih Syuhud blog, has been translated like this : A. Rhodeislandrock Syuhud, Blogger Indonesia… :D
    That was the second reason why I want to blog in English, written by myself. Google translate is just a tool, and he doesnt have a heart. But, regarding my obstacles, temporarily I still use Google Translate…
    Hmm.. you want to know my third reason ? Just go back to the first and second one… ! :)

  183. nice post, Sir.
    previously, i wrote everythin’ in my blog in bahasa. then some of my buddies from overseas ask d meaning of ’em. then i realized, i should try to write in english ( eventhough i understand that my english is bad … like we usually used to say, “Little-little sih I can” :D )

    eniwei, i’m proud being Indonesian. I love very much our beautiful Indonesia. but i believe, loving this country doesn’t mean that we should speak in bahasa only ;)

    perhaps, when i become a RI 1 (amen…), then i’ll always speaks in bahasa … everywhere, everytime, to everybody.
    so our fellow foreign countrymen (who come to visit me) must learn bahasa :D . sound good, eh? ;)

    “ASELI Proud being Indonesian”

  184. ehhhmmm sound gud…i like ur srtyle(admire)hehe…why not,,for me english is enjoy languange,,,so no reansons say I CAN’T…KEEP LEARN ENGLISH GUYS,,,

  185. Nice, keep on ! I hope I could speak english, I’m trying now to learn more in English.

    I know I’m not good in English, but I still have a hope that one day I’m getting better in my english.

    Thanks to Mas Fatih syuhud..


  186. nice! (i’m trying to type in English, please be understand the mistakes that it may consisted)

    i fully agree with your opinion.

    well, actually i have no idea what to say, eheheh

    pokok e, nice to know your blog

  187. An indonesian who writes in english , well, seems to be more Indonesian to me. trying to write my mind Mr.fatih dunno if anyone could get into it , hahaha. — Nice site u gott here.

  188. mas … syuhud, kawit kapan panjenengan miwiti nyerat wonten ing BLOG ….., Blog panjengan jumlahipun pinten??? Kangge “promosi” blog panjengan ..punapa mawi iklan ing “adword” .. ??? Sak puniko panjengan lenggahipun wonten pundi ???

    #saya tidak pernah pake adwords.

  189. 1. My English writing skill is not good. I’d like to improve it by writing regularly in a medium where editorial barrier is non-existent.

    I really agree to this point. Writing in English in a regular basis may improve my ability. So, that’s why I just started my english blog.

  190. Yup… I agree that’s why we have to make our blog in english, so the others from another country can read our blog, jadi setidaknya orang2 diluar sana knows that’s Indonesian people jg bisa ngeblog :) sorry, aku jg belom bisa ngomong pake inggris… dan aku jg termotivasi untuk mengtranslate blog. yah… walou bahasa inggrisku sudah amburadul, coz I never use it for along time….
    Dan hal itu tetap tidak mengurangi kebanggaan kita sebagai bangsa Indonesia, tapi justeru menambah kebanggaan kita sebagai bangsa Indonesia yang dikenal di luar sana, ya kan mas??
    Tapi bahasa arabnya juga musti mas… kan Lughotul ‘arabiyyah lughotul jannah, shoh?

  191. i am very very very agree with you, Cak Fatih. English is one of international language also one of net-language. And to get many on net -in some case- we must write our blogs/webs in English. so, pancen perlu!!

    i also try to write blog in but it’s seem hard to create posts. leak of inspiration? may be yes.

    anyway, you’re right Cak Fatih.

  192. english is not the most language used for blogging, japanesse is the most. so why dont make indonesian more popular. many australian people understand indonesian.
    but the choices is up to blogger, maybe they want to improve their foreign language. not bad

    #english mostly spoken and/or understood by people worldwide. not necessarily used for blogging. blogging is only one form of writing expression; and only one form of internet world.

  193. I’m never confident use my english. But nekat ajahh…I’m blogging in english now. Learning by doing is one of many ways to make my english better. I believe, others will understand me with my ‘belepotan’ language.

  194. your english is very good, cara km mengutarakan pendapat adalah persis dan konsisten, teruskan semangat tuk menguasai dgn lebih mendalam dan PeDe always!

  195. Even we love indonesian language but its important to learn english for knowing the world and use your knowledge for Indonesian Development.

  196. I support you to using more language for your blog. We have take the intenational tie with every body around the world. Plese go head!

    But Indonesian language still using too.

    Heri Hidayat Makmun

  197. Makmum aja sama Cak Fatih…:-D
    Eh,boso Jowonya, I totally agree lah with Cak Fatih :-D

    Dan buat @namakamu;Ya bikin aja dua blog, okeh Bos? Yg satu Endonesa satunya buat iseng pake boso manca, adil kan..:-D

  198. It’s really inspiring reason. I was challenged to the upside-right note in this blog. sometime we feel uncomfortable to express our idea in English because so many consideration of something. Thanks for inspiring.

  199. Dear Fatih ..
    I can’t speak English fluently. So I want to follow your way to improve my skill in writing English. Let me to write again your writing in my blog. Thanks.

  200. Berbanggalah dengan berbahasa Indonesia,
    karena bahasa mencerminkan bangsa…
    Aku dulu pernah sedih juga malah,
    pas ikutan forum berbahasa Inggris,
    dimana ada thread tentang posting website/blog pribadi.
    Eh, pas aku nunjukin blog aku (yang lama)..
    mereka komennya aneh…. “Bahasa apakah itu?”
    wah.. rupanya sedikitpun kata-kata bahasa Indonesia tidak ada yang mereka kenal… :(

  201. @Toshihiko: you’re missing an important & substantive point. 1, 2, or even 3 is not important. it’s still outrepresent the 200-odd million people of indonesia –> this is the main thing.

  202. The Jakarta Post is the only English newspaper in Indo? Umm… Halooo! I don’t think you’re aware of the publication of another English paper: The Post (if I ain’t wrong, I forgot the exact name).

    Pay a visit to Gramedia once in a while and you’ll see that paper in the news stand.

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