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Google Free-for-all Philosophy

Google as the Trend Setter (3) Google Free-for-all Philosophy

What I mean by the above title is not the trend setter in this sense. I really mean it in its literal sense. Google has set the standard for everyone to follow especially in the free-for-all services and customer-is-king philosophy. Google knows perfectly how to earn money –huge money– in an elegant way without disturbing the netizens as its main customers.

First, when hotmail and yahoomail start reducing its free email capacity into two and four MB respectively, google gave its first lesson: giving away one GB. That, in turn, forced yahoo to reasses its previous policy and roll it back even added into 250 MB and 1 GB for paid-email, while hotmail promises the same (i dont know whether hotmail keep its promise). Following that, google make another set: 2.5 GB. This forces yahoo to give away half of it: one GB. Yahoo guys admits that google presence does make a difference.

Second, in the blogger world, google acquired blogger or blogspot and giving away anything a customer can hope for. Unlimited space, unlimited freedom. Do whatever you want.

Third, for any blogger who wants to earn a bit money from nowhere and from nothing, google offers adsense. So far as online advertisement goes, adsense is the biggest. Yet, it’s the easiest partnership/affiliation program to go along. Everybody with tiniest visitor to his site/blog can apply and be approved. Apart from this, google adsense actually working only on a website/blog that uses english and other european languages plus china, japan and korea; however, you’ll still be appoved even if your blog in bahasa Indonesia. The only hindrance that will exclude you to be an adsense member is if you blog/site contain hatred/racism campaign and pornography. Which is good.

And it’s google adsense that revolusionize the online ads into more ‘elegant’ way i.e. without pop-up or anything that can disturb the visitors. And again, every online advertiser force to follow.

Fourth, again and again I’d like to reiterate that google free-for-all policy and its friendly attitude towards its customers very much relating to do with its founders education (both founders still doing their Ph.D at the moment).

Google has set the trend for every online companies to follow. i think, google deserves to be followed not only by online companies, but by offline entertainment as well.

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