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Rich, Educated & Humble

Rich, Educated & Humble

Since time immemorial up till now either in the West or in the East, the so-called rich man always being attributed with many glamorous things: extravagant life-style, flamboyant, “un-educated”, “bad-guy”, womaniser, bossy, arrogant and many more, you name it. While the term ‘nice guy’ always been attached to those who are not fortunate to make a big fortune, even though they are very successful in terms of other things of virtues: education, attitude, humility, helping, etc.

It’s no more. At least, not the style of the IT pedigree of No. 1 search engine founders: Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Have a look at these facts:

– Education: both are doing PhD
– Wealth: No. 55 in the world with $7.2 billion each (Forbes Magazine, 2005).
– Both are the only two billionaires which are under 40-year-old (to bo precise, Larry and Brin’s age are 31 and 32 respectively).
– Car: both drives only Toyota Prius, a half-electric-powered car.
– Both dont have luxurious stuffs like sports car, yacht, etc.

Again, even on the personal level, both google guys have set the trend, and lesson, for us:
– Even if you are rich, very rich, there’s no reason to live extravagant lives;
– Even if you are rich, very rich, there’s no reason not to be “nice” and “next-to-door” guy;
– Even if you are rich, very rich, there’s no reason not to live simple lives. The simpler the better, because there’ll be many more lives (poor people) could benefit and be saved from their poverty.

To those who are not-rich yet try hard to live like ones (like the corrupt Indonesian officials), the message is simple: Why dont you get back to the real world and live not beyond the limit of your legal earnings?***

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