Independent Indonesia

Independent Indonesia

61st Anniversary of Independent Indonesia
August 17, 2006 is the 61st anniversary of Indonesia’s independence day. We celebrate this day with joy every year. The context of celebration is we have freed ourselves from the colonialism, occupation and justice inequality of one country (Netherlands) against another (Indonesia). We gain this freedom not for free; it’s a hard-fought efforts and hard-earned independence.. Some lessons we learn after 61 years we drove the Dutch away from Indonesia.

The idea among common people to resist and drive the colonialist and occupier away is that (a) our country is rich with natural resources and we got nothing as the Dutch robbed them all; (b) all people will get equal opportunity to education, the mother of all progress and development.

The facts after 61 years: (a) we are still poor and is still named developing, some say underdeveloped country with continuous ’awards’ as one of the most corrupt country in the world.; many if not all the so-called natural resources are also subcontracted to the MNC’s company; (b) education subsidy is sinking further which almost close the opportunity for the poor to have decent education to enable them to make decent living.

So, the point left of being independent from another country’s occupation for most poor Indonesians is only the sense of pride: that we enjoy freedom to talk everything as far as it’s not against the law; that we enjoy to do whatever we like to do without any fear of being imprisoned; that we are free to create a job for ourselves and employ others.

But among the poorest of the poor— that is 48.8 percent of 225 million population— do they enjoy all the said points at the time when they dont have even something to eat or to drink or shelter to sleep? Are they able to enjoy freedom of speech when their kids are crying for not having their meals?

Government should and must do all it can to improve the bad condition most people are suffering now. And people like us, you and me, should and must contribute however little our contribution might be for the betterment of the poor by (a) living humble and avoid extravagant lives; (b) avoid unnecessary spending for gizmos and shopping and give it away instead for the needy.

When the rich lives a humble live, the poor will benefit; the money will trickle down to them. And none feel he/she is rich until one is able to look down to those who are less fortunate.

Note: this post was written on August 2006

Independent Indonesia
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