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Indonesia Blog Directory and Blogger of the Week

I’m glad to tell my honorable readers of this fifty-cent worth page, that http://blog-indonesia.com, the newly founded and hassle free blog Indonesia directory and I feel that we have something in common to share and therefore decided to support each other to promote Indonesian bloggers in Indonesia and abroad.

For that purpose, Blog Indonesia has given me a special column specifically dedicated for weekly blog review “Blogger Indonesia of the Week” (BOW).

Blog-indonesia.com is an aggregation, so I dont need to come to the site to fill up the column, rather whenever I make a blog review, the piece will automatically fills the particular space in Blog Indonesia for one week. It’ll only change when I make another review. That will make the blog under review more chance of limelight and therefore more exposure.

I hope this kind of cooperation in the end will benefit none other than the blogger Indonesia themselves.

For all Blogger Indonesia who’re just visiting this blog, I need to reiterate again some important points regarding blog that meet the criteria to be reviewed.

First, the blog should be written in English or at least bilingual.

Second, the blog should have a good content with Indonesian nuance (sci-tech, political, cultural, social, faith, art)

Third, original i.e. written by yourself; not the kind of news blog taken from third party.

Fourth, any kind of field reporting on certain socio-cultural events blended with a good commentary will be prioritized.

Fifth, blog which talk about socio-political and cultural commentary should have a sort of balance & unbiased opinion.

Sixth, no pornographic content.

Seventh, blog with anonymous blogger and unclear profile/identy will be the last resort to be reviewed. In another word, if your blog want to be reviewed, your identity should be as clear as crystal. :)

Any Indonesian blog (In English or bilingual) which I consider to be reviewed has been listed in this blog. If your blog has yet to be listed here and want to be reviewed please let me know by emailing me at fatihsyuhud-at-gmail-dot-com

In the meantime, for those who haven’t submitted their blogs to Blog Indonesia, you’re welcome and even encouraged to do so. The sooner the better. It’s the first Blog directory in Indonesia which doesn’t require registration or other requirements in order to submit your blog. Everybody invited! The only condition is you are an Indonesian or blogging something about Indonesia. What you need to do is just come to the site, click the Submit Your Blog menu. Done. That’s it.

Having said that, to show your gratitude, you are encouraged to link it back in your blog (it’s not obligatory, though), besides it’s another way to tell your readers about the new blog directory and hence, spreading the messages.

Blogs which have been submitted to Blog Indonesia and yet to be listed here, also will be under the consideration to be reviewed.

Lastly, the reason why I confine the review to English Blog only because I have the vision that blogging technology could be an affective medium for Indonesian, any single Indonesian, to contribute in his/her own way in promoting and introducing Indonesia–as a nation and country–to the world. The purpose of which is hard to achieve if you are blogging in a language other than English.

Happy blogging and happy weekend. :)

Update July 2008

It’s highly recommended that any blogger who want to get reviewed to give a comment (along with one’s blog URL) in the comment box here to make my task easier. Don’t forget to read some additional information there.

Scientific and Credible Blogger

Ghost blogging Revisited

Will scientific writing/blogging earn you a carte blanche (blank card) towards credibilty? This question raised in the midth of controversies specially in the case of ghost or anonymous blogger. In my opinion, it could be yes and/or no. It depends a lot on which subjects your writing are. There are many instances where scientific writings/bloggings will automatically earn you credibility and honour you deserve.

But a lot of examples in which writing scientifically is not enough. Readers and common sense need to know what position you stand for. Credibility more often than not is very much to do with whether there’s self-interest in it or not.

For example, when I made Jennie S. Bev and Maya Nasution as Blogger of the Week, I support their decision to keep staying abroad with several arguments. If my arguments considered valid and make sense, then my pieces on that matter could be regarded as “scientific.” Yet, it’s not automatically earn me credibilty. A commenter on those pieces asked me, whether I also intend to stay abroad after study, which is not. That will gain me credibilty, because I support a good cause not for my own self interest, but for the interest of all.

Likewise, when an Indonesian blogger talk noisily all the time about terrorism and ‘persecution’ of minority community in Indonesia, of course with many quotes from some online newspapers every now and then, the writings could be considered as “scientific” but not automatically credible. One still needs to see what the blogger stands for: if he/she’s a Muslim, he could be considered as a very credible blogger because he campaign for justice of others i.e. the minority community (non Muslims), and there’s no self-interest involved. Not the other way around. So, if the blogger concerned hiding his/her face under the sun, credibility is simply not there.

That’s why prominent figures like Gus Dur the fourth Indonesian President gains international acknowledgement for his unselfish support to justice for all in Indonesia just like the late Nurcholis Madjid and Azyumardi Azra now rector of UIN (state islamic university) Jakarta who support the spirit of pluralism, themselves drink, live and eat as pluralist.

So, credibility is very much to do with neutrality and objectivity plus scientificity in making argument. Being neutral or in order to make readers know that you’re in neutral position, one needs to know where your “by birth” position is, in the first place. Clarity of identity in this regards, at least in my opinion, is a must.

The latest example is in case of RUU APP (anti-porn bill). You can read many opinions for and against it in blogs and media. You can judge yourself which of them can be regarded as scientific and credible, or scientific only, or just a junky arguments you’d like to get it away quickly.

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  1. I wasn’t aware your site exsists until I randomly googled about Indonesian English blogs. It’s wonderful :)

    I don’t know if I want to get my blog reviewed, but at least I’ll leave my link here just for those who have spare times to visit and give comments.

    Annie Tjia’s blog.

    My blog is written in bilingual, and hopefully there will be more English posts to write. :)

  2. @Kurniawan: that’d be ok. every copy/paste from this blog is allowed provided giving clear reference to this blog.

    Thanks Mas Kurniawan

  3. Hi Pak,

    I appreciate your work and regularly take a look at your articles particularly blogger Indonesia of the week. If you don’t mind, I’ll clip this article and will write my own view about your effort in my blog.

    Looking forward to hearing your reply.

    Best Regards,

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