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Third Anniversary of Quit Smoking

Third Anniversary of Quit Smoking (21st of March, 2010)

Today is the third year of my breakaway from smoking. On 21 Third Year without Smoking

21 March 2008 I made up my mind to stop smoking altogether. And this time I have succeeded to go by each day and year without any intention to put cigarette on my lips again.

And because of sheer difficulty of a heavy chain smoker like me to stop smoking and succeed, I celebrate the success of the quit smoking program every year just like everyone celebrate their birthday. You may see I celebrated the first “birthday” and the second birthday.

I hope it’ll motivate other smokers to do the same.

I have been through repeated attempts previously to quit smoking without any success. So, ‘what made the attempt successful this time around?’, a friend asked me. The answer being: strong willingness to stop smoking should be accompanied with a right intention beyond yourself to have a stronger motivation. The right motivation that worked for me being I did quit smoking for the sake of my family. To protect them, the kids and their mother.

I used to intend to stop smoking for my own health. But that was not working because a smoker does not so concern to his own health.

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