Blogger Indonesia of the Week (58): Riana Ambarsari

Blogger Indonesia of the Week (58): Riana Ambarsari Chef Blog for Indonesian Food Fans

Riana Ambarsari is a name I should put in my post when I quoted her tribute to the demise of Bunda Zidan aka Inong. I was in the rush then, as usual. And just comes to know her true name days after the post when I surfed through some links in her blog. Like me, she seems to have several experimenting blogs: from personal blog, to cooking and recipe blog; both in blogspot and blogsome.

I dont know what the different between the two blogs, I’m very bad “chef” who can only cook rice and fry telor mata sapi and omlette. But if my early and rush assesment is right, the blogspot one seems to be for any “heavy” food recipes from all over the world. While in the blogsome is more dedicated for “lighter” one ie dessert.Despite her blogs are not specifically dedicated for Indonesian food recipes, it should answer Indra Pramana’s friend queries and satisfy their needs as her food blogs are written in a good grammatically correct English.

Some recipe which is typically Indonesian way i.e. from mother to daughter can be seen, for example, in this post:

My Mom used to make this every Ramadhan. She simply called it Es Buah (fruit cocktail). But in fact, she never made it with any other fruits. It was always only mango. At times, she threw in some kolang-kaling (sugar palm fruit) only because I asked her to. And it was by far the best refreshment I’ve ever had…

Blogging in English will create larger audience beyond the Malay speaking readers, and hence larger appreciation for you. And no wonder then if she’s got mentioned in an influential food website.

It’s important to note though, that my urge to Indonesian blogger to blog in English is only for those who have sufficient proficiency in English, meaning your words can be understood by English speaking readers. Not necessarily the native speakers. So, those who don’t meet the minimum requirement doesn’t have to be upset with my statements regarding this matter, nor should they feel unappreciated. Bahasa Indonesia can still be understood by large audience of around 250 million people of different nationalities: Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Malay Singaporean, south Thailand, beside Indonesians themselves.

Speaking of food, Ramadhan fasting time is approaching. When I was at home during Ramadhan, my late mom used to cook various foods available to satisfy her kids to take “revenge” when time to break our fast on sunset has come. I imagine how sweet it’d be if Riana Lagarde cooks her best recipe to break my first day fasting due hopefully on three or four days time from now. :)

For all Muslims around the world, Happy Ramadhan! Ramadhan Mubarak for all Urdu/Hindi speaking Muslims.

And Selamat Menyambut Ibadah Puasa Ramadan buat seluruh rekan-rekan Muslim di Tanah Air dan di manapun berada. Maafkan segala salah dan khilaf saya sebagai pribadi.

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